09.07.2024: Bi-Weekly Updates

2 min readJul 9, 2024


The latest updates that our team has relentlessly been working on during last few weeks!

Revuto’s business team has been oriented on the Catalyst proposal which you can check here. The voting is still on and you can cast your vote for Revuto, and here is how to vote!

Very good news about the Catalyst is that Revuto was voted as TOP 30 projects by MinSwap LPs and they will also be supporting our proposal. Big Thanks to all who voted and supported!

With the start of summer, a lot of people are moving towards beach, however, Revuto’s devs are working as hard as possible to deliver what is needed for the launch of the Subscription management!

UI/UX fixes:

  • Finished tweaks to ‘Create a voucher’ card in the AW screen
  • Fixed exchange rate issues on Analytics screen for expenses, EUR to USD rates were not correct for some historic dates
  • Added number of banners to horizontal scroll on Main navigation
  • Added pop-ups for voluntary and mandatory new App version updates.

KYC & V4

  • Implemented new KYC level needed for VDCs
  • Streamlined KYC verification process, clarifying which KYC level is needed for specific functionality.
  • Expended API for detecting current and in progress KYC levels
  • Worked on implementing app store webhooks for Revuto Premium features.

And the most anticipated and valued features that will go live even before the VDCs:


  • Completed POC for implementing DEX Swap on Cardano wallet
  • Worked on completely new screens for executing Swaps on Cardano wallet

Custodial wallet:

  • Finished Omnibus wallet architecture for Custodial wallet
  • Completed POC for CNTs for Custodial wallet

As you can see, all Revuto’s departments are working around the hour to deliver all the much needed and valuable features for the power app that we are becoming!

Furthermore, do make sure to check the latest Medium blog
The Future of Revuto’s power app! where we summed up all the things that CEO said in the recent AMA about the upcoming features and the future of Revuto!

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