12.04.2024: Bi-Weekly Update

5 min readApr 12, 2024


Dear Revutonians,

It’s Friday, and we’re two days late with our regular bi-weekly update. We have a crazy week behind us, one that has been packed with all kinds of work and progress, so we apologize for the (justified) delay.

That being said, let’s look at what we’ve been working on for the last two weeks:

- announced a new (old) team member, Tin Blaga, as our new Head of Biz Dev

- We released a new Revuto app update, followed by additional updates to fix some bugs

- Worked on a custodial wallet that supports all major cryptocurrencies and integrates with Fireblocks. The wallet will support virtual debit card top-up, cash back, referral rewards, multi-chain assets, and NFTs.

- Final preparations for the launch of our e-vouchers, which are coming to more than 200 locations in Spain. People will be able to buy/sell REVU for cash. The product release will be promoted via major fintech and Web3 media publications. The product was scheduled to go live on April 2nd, but because of some security issues, we postponed the launch for the next week. We’ll make sure to update you on the new launch date.

- Released a blog post about the new app update and an April roadmap

- Released a blog post about the R Token Airdrop and new incentives to keep staking REVU

- launched a $SNEK pool where you can stake REVU to get a portion of 8m SNEK tokens. The subscription period will end today late in the evening (UTC 23.59 PM)

- Released a blog post about the new “Stake REVU to Earn SNEK” staking pool

- Opened an online application and released a blog post about the upcoming Revuto v4 and how to apply for beta testing

- We are working on an entirely new crypto.revuto.com webpage, with an updated whitepaper containing information about new products, the R token TS, the Airdrop, the R token utility, the updated REVU token utility, and Revudex (adding a swap feature to the non-custodial wallet in the app).

- integrating with Fireblocks for the custodial wallet

- integrated with TapTools for Cardano Native Tokens price feed

- updating the revuto.com webpage to focus more on the web3 integration and the REVU token.

- unpaused REVU staking Pools in the Revuto Staking Center

- preps for unlocking the full potential of integration with Banxa for buying (on-ramp) all major cryptocurrencies with cards (FIAT) in the Revuto app and getting crypto to the custodial wallet.

- preps for minting Revuto Ordinals on the BTC network and Revuto NFTs on Solana (most likely). Ordinals and NFTs will be part of the Revuto NFT Center and built on the custodial wallet. This is planned for mid-to-late April.

- We are working on the next REVU/USDT listing on a Tier-1 exchange planned for June 2024.

- updated CMC API to show the exact REVU Market Cap

- working with a marketing agency to set up and execute all the marketing activities for the next three months (Apri, May, and June). Activities will include press releases on fintech and crypto web portals, general media, social media accounts, YouTube reviews, promotion via KOLs, and similar. The budget and the start date for all the above will be determined in the upcoming days.

- preps for Token2049 in Dubai.

Below, you can read about our regular bi-weekly development activities:

· Working on VASP (license) with the local regulator HANFA to be legally compliant for providing crypto exchange and custodial services. Should have both approved by June 2024.

· working on adding the Revuto Premium account (staking REVU or Monthly subscription to Revuto)

· final preps for launching the Revuto Debit Card Program before June 1st.

· minor changes to the revuto.com website, Terms & Conditions, and updates for 2024.

· minor changes to the crypto.revuto.com website (Gitbook), Terms & Conditions, and partnerships.


(download for iOS or Android)

Revuto v4

  • Add a new top-up card inside Revuto which will be used to create virtual cards
  • Removal of Worldpay and changing to linkcy
  • Disabled old APIs and integrations with WorldPay (rb_get_secret api)
  • Screen for listing all top-up cards and adding new ones — implementation
  • Research and work on adding virtual card flow
  • Rethink the whole flow of adding virtual cards
  • Make the app support new backend and routes
  • Add card_add_topup Api request and implement WebView for adding cards
  • Completely new verification flow:
  • Creating new screens for verification flow
  • Finished implementing API calls for verification flow:
  • lincy_status
  • lincy_create_customer
  • linkcy_verify_phone
  • linkcy_terms
  • users/card_initiate_kyc
  • users/card_create_ledger
  • Check the state of the verification
  • If the user leaves, he will be brought back where he left with verification


  • Changing error alerts on Altwin and Vouchers
  • Changing success alerts on Altwin and Vouchers
  • Refactor Altwin cards to match the new backend implementation:
  • Withdraw to Revuto
  • Claim with Altwin
  • Buy/Sell REVU
  • Refactoring the AWEarn screen and making it easier to work with using the newest Android practices
  • Handle all the logic for the screen inside a ViewModel making it easier to change
  • Make the UI react to state changes making it easier to understand and maintain
  • Generalize error handling for all of the actions that access the internet
  • Use the newest Android and Kotlin practices like Flows and unidirectional data flow
  • Claim Your Revu faster!
  • You asked, and we listened — We changed the minimum REVU to the payout from 500 to 20


  • A New unstake message and card redesign
  • Fixing prices and algorithm for showing prices on the wallet

Other Changes

  • Solving Apple warning for building and releasing to TestFlight and AppStore
  • Airdrop June Message Change
  • Possibility to add unlimited banners in applications
  • Package updated to newest versions:
  • PhoneNumberKit
  • Siren
  • GoogleUtilities
  • Cocoapods
  • Refactor parts of code to improve performance
  • Android: Navigation restructures to make it easier to work with and maintain in the long run.
  • Separate the flows into their navigation graphs making it easier to edit and expand
  • Rethink naming for all navigation graphs
  • Remove destinations that are not used
  • Fix Kucoin crashing
  • Enable domStorage for Kucoin WebView
  • Android package updates and maintenance
  • Android UI, Biometric, Android Lifecycle, Testing libraries
  • Crashlytics crash fixes
  • Observe and research recent crashes from Firebase analytics
  • Fix crashes and think about ways to make them not repeat in other places

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