18.06.2024: Bi-Weekly Update

3 min readJun 18, 2024


Check out the latest updates as we are entering the final stages of the preparation for the launch of our core feature — Subscription management!

Even Though the summer is almost here, Revuto team is as busy as always. Working on app development never stops, especially when such an important feature as VDC is about to come!

Check out the full list of the most recent updates!

  • Applied to and actively supporting our application to Project Catalyst’s Fund12 >> The voting starts today, make sure to vote for Revuto!
  • Finalizing VASP license to provide custodial service
  • Optimizing VDC menu before launch of beta testing
  • Establishing marketing channels in preparation for core product release
  • Working on new partnerships
  • Preparing new staking opportunities
  • Working with our Spain partner to release the vouchers to buy Revu with Fiat

UI/UX fixes:

  • Switched the position of ‘Create a voucher’ card in the AW screen, now it is displayed in the second place since it is one of the most frequently used features on that screen
  • Added a loading spinner in the Analytics screen, which is shown when the user has previous analytics, and the analytics is currently being loaded
  • When the user generates a voucher code, it is now displayed to be more visually appealing and easier to type in (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX)
  • Added a dot indicator to the banner list in the main menu
  • The banners in the main menu now cycle automatically every 3 seconds, and the timer resets if the user manually switches the banner
  • Modals and confirmation dialogs in the AW earn screen to use the Figma design
  • Created a base confirmation modal screen that can be configured

Cardano & Crypto Wallet:

  • Improved performance when applying filters and sorting data
  • Whole Cardano Wallet screen is now scrollable
  • Removed ‘Send’ and ‘Receive’ buttons from the Cardano Wallet screen that were displayed below the graph whenever the user clicks on any item
  • Created separate XML files for displaying Cardano and Crypto wallet list items
  • Cardano Wallet filtering logic moved from the fragment to the viewModel
  • Fixed the skeleton loader and the loading spinner in both wallet screens

With the upcoming Subscription management, we are preparing to launch the Revuto Pro Plan which will be utilized for the VDCs!

Pro Plan & V4

  • Preparing new exciting features that are coming with the Pro plan
  • We implemented check to verify if the user has completed SUMSUB KYC.
  • Fixed a bug where the user is shown a modal to start the SUMSUB KYC
  • Fixed an KYC flow bug, where the flow would automatically restart every time it was closed; this should no longer occur.
  • Added an alert for web view loading failures during the addition of new cards.

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