25.04.2024: Bi-Weekly Update

4 min readApr 25, 2024


It’s time for another bi-weekly update from your Revuto team. As has been the usual in current times, we’ve been up to a lot, even with a bit of an unexpected non-working day in Croatia that didn’t slow us down in the least. Here’s what we have been up to for the past two weeks…

  • Our CEO, Vedran Vukman, has been and is still in Dubai. Attending TOKEN2049 was a way to better network with the world of crypto at the event and around it. Vex always wants to be where the action is and is dedicated to finding all of the partners, investors, and opportunities that will benefit our project.
  • Our CEO, Vedran Vukman, attended the RareEvo event during TOKEN2049 Dubai, where he met with the Cardano community and especially with the Battle Alliance and SmartPlaces team
  • We made a video with Srdan the Battlecat in Dubai, so be sure to check it out:
A short video with Battle Alliance and Revuto from TOKEN2049
  • Following the relaunch of the Revuto Staking Center, we launched a new staking pool — Stake $REVU to earn $MAU. Interest in this pool featuring a new token from Battle Alliance was very strong, and it filled before the close of the subscription period in just two days!
  • Released BattlePass NFT: Revuto Edition for purchase in the Revuto Staking Center
  • Users outside of the EU/EEA can claim their referral rewards directly to their Altwin account and use them to earn more $REVU tokens
  • We’ve been scouting out marketing options ahead of the launch of our VDCs and other core products
  • We successfully closed the application for the Revuto v4 (Debit Cards) beta testing

Below, you can read about our regular bi-weekly development activities:


  • A major change will be introduced soon, which is almost done, Altwin will not have to be shut down again when publishing new versions on the store!
  • We developed a solution that will enable Altwin for our users during new app updates.


  • Implementation of virtual card creation (create_card API)
  • Subscription detail screen implementation of new payment provider APIs
  • Implementation of show_card_details API Call
  • Use subscription card values to show a virtual card (safer way because we are not fetching any card details)
  • UI Implementation of show card details
  • User verification (PIN) when showing card details
  • Copy card number when details are shown
  • Flow refactor based on new API calls due to new card provider
  • Removing old unnecessary code for the old card provider
  • Having a new card provider allowed us to shrink our code base, making it more readable and efficient
  • Switch rb card to the Linkcy card to support the new card provider
  • Detailed flow of adding a new payment source and creating a new virtual card from that payment source


  • Implementation of Snooze, Block, and Approve subscriptions in the UI of the application with slidable actions
  • Implementation of new API models and APIs for Snooze, Block, and Approve (connecting with the backend)
  • Approve, Block, Snooze Payment, a lot of testing
  • Approve Block & Snooze payment notifications implemented
  • Modifying subscription statuses when notification is clicked
  • We implemented an API that allowed easier testing of notifications, thus making it easier to develop in the long term. This allowed us to test every status for every subscription to avoid any possible bugs.
  • Block and snooze statuses are working properly
  • Approve payment is in progress and is coming to a near end, until now it was mocked to allow easier development


  • New Delete Account Dialog that directly contacts our agents to delete the user account
  • Designed and created a new delete account dialogue which aligns with Google and Apple requirements
  • Removing old unused code in parts of the application for clearer architecture
  • Several Kick Off calls with the new development team and a project presentation (cards & subscriptions)
  • Started with the implementation of Google Pay and Apple Pay

Android Only

  • Package Updates and maintenance
  • Android UI, Kotlin & other libraries
  • Users with Android 13+ can now receive notifications.
  • Add a Notification permission dialog at the start of the app
  • Apps targeting Android 13+ must ask for notification before the app can show them
  • Android: Fix Staking Center success screen showing 0 iUSD
  • Fixed: An unknown error occurred when sending coins in the wallet; it occurred on Android only.

Your Revuto Team

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