The Revuto team is gearing up for another mini milestone: our very first live Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on YouTube!

You’ll need to be quick to get this one in your diaries: we go live tomorrow, September 17, at 3pm UTC (5pm CET). If you’re in the latter timezone, you may just be clocking off work after a long week — so grab a coffee (or something a little stronger), put your feet up, and tune in. You can watch the live AMA from this link.

Ask Us Anything!

This is an excellent opportunity to ask the Revuto team, well, anything you…

Last week was all about our news-bomb announcement at the Infobip Shift conference in Zadar, Croatia. In case you missed it, we unveiled the R Fund, a $2 million treasure chest dedicated to supporting projects building on Cardano. After watching our social media channels light up, this week we bring some news.

NFTs Are On the Way

Many of you have been eager to find out more about the integration of NFTs into the Revuto app. Back in June, we announced the creation of our own NFT platform and marketplace for EBT1 investors, and subsequently rolled out a series of special NFTs on a first-come…

In recent blogs, we teased some big news from our co-founder Josipa Majic, and it’s safe to say the cat is now well and truly out of the bag.

At the Infobip Shift conference in beautiful Zadar, Josipa held court before an audience of fintech and crypto enthusiasts and announced that Revuto is launching a $2 million fund for Cardano projects, known as R Fund!

So, what is R Fund and what can you expect from Revuto moving forward?

We are writing today’s Medium post on the eve of the Infobip Shift conference which starts tomorrow. As mentioned last week, our co-founder Josipa has a few announcements up her sleeve. But while you wait with bated breath to find out what they are, we figured we’d dedicate today’s update to — what else? — the Revuto app.

How to Earn REVU Tokens by Referring Friends

By now, most of you are probably familiar with the app’s USP. Namely, its ability to stem the tide of outgoing subscription payments that flow out of your bank account every month.

Revuto is a user-friendly, crypto-powered platform that lets you pay…

Next week, the largest developer event in Southeastern Europe — Infobip Shift — will get underway in Croatia, and we couldn’t be more excited. Not only is Revuto one of the main sponsors of the two-day multistage event, but our co-founder Josipa Majic will be taking to the main-stage podium to make very big announcements that will accelerate the Cardano ecosystem growth!

Mic Drop Incoming

Currently, we can’t reveal the contents of Josipa’s message. So you’ll just have to be patient between now and next week (the conference runs from 7–8 September). …

Our first blog of the month heralded the much-anticipated launch of the Revuto app, so it seems fitting to close out August by discussing the app’s performance thus far.

The first decentralized application (dApp) to launch on the Cardano blockchain, Revuto allows users to manage all their subscriptions (Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, etc) from a single place, with integrated DeFi services presenting additional yield-bearing opportunities.

The New Referral Program is Booming

Since debuting on the Google Play and App Store, the app has seen a total of over 100,000 sign-ups, with more than 20,000 new users coming directly from our new referral program. The latter enables…

If you’ve kept track of our social media channels in recent weeks, you’ll know all about the Revuto Sticker Contest, where we invited content creators around the world to submit their designs — with 8,000 REVU up for grabs. We’re pleased to say that we received an influx of creative suggestions from some seriously talented people, but only the best of the best have made it into the final stage.

Your Platform, Your Choice

This week, we close the contest after a little over two weeks and turn it over to the community to vote on their favorites from our jury’s curated selection. The…

Last month we drew attention to the intrepid Revuto users scattered around the globe, from Italy and Persia to Brazil and Bangladesh. And we’re proud to report that our international community continues to expand.

The latest guild to be promoted from within our ranks is the Spanish Revuto Group, which has gained Official designation (or should that be designación oficial?). At present, there are over 1,250 members in the fast-growing Spanish Telegram channel, thanks in large part to the efforts of our excellent admin Armando, who has done a sterling job. …

As Revuto hits new milestones, the third-generation blockchain on which our entire stack is built follows suit. Founded in 2015, Cardano is committed to constructing a scalable, user-centric blockchain that meets all users’ needs, and six years after it introduced itself to the world, we have no doubt it’ll make good on that promise.

From Byron to Goguen

Created from the ground up based on meticulous peer-reviewed research and a comprehensive formal development model, Cardano was the brainchild of ex-Ethereum CEO Charles Hoskinson, who sought to address the three strategic challenges facing all blockchain networks, namely scalability, interoperability, and sustainability.

An open-source, proof-of-stake platform

As you know, Revuto users criss-cross the globe — from Indonesia and Brazil to Japan and Russia. Although we’ve gotten used to drumming up interest in our platform on multiple continents, today we wanted to tell you about a specific campaign we’re currently conducting in the United Kingdom.

Why UK?

The UK is unquestionably an important market for us, not least since Brits collectively spend over £2 billion a year on subscription services!


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