AMA Recap: Best questions and answers — by our one and only COO

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A mix of Twitter and Telegram questions are below, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!


A: YES!!! Our team member that’s working for IOHK as well, Vukasin Vukoje, is working on the ERC-20 converter to bring wrapped REVU tokens on the Etherium network so you can swap them on DEXes.

Q: Will it be possible to have liquidity pools (for example REVU/ADA or other pairs) and earn from those, apart from the normal single coin staking that’s already planned?

A: We’re planning to add more coins to our DeFI protocol, possibly even other native tokens but, as the ecosystem is just starting, we can’t be sure in what direction it will evolve. We’ll listen to the community and decide together what and when it would be best to add to our DeFi protocols.

Q: What are the other advantages of REVU? In the future, whether this token will become a new ecosystem that becomes hype, considering that this REVU was created for the first time, especially under the Cardano building.

A: Our biggest advantage over any other token and project built on Cardano is that WE’RE THE FIRST. With your help, we can make REVU 🚀🚀🚀 😉

Additionally, we believe we have the perfect use case and business model for our REVU. Mostly because, even if the crypto market goes into the bear season our economy and tokenomics will work. Subscriptions and its recurring charges won’t disappear. We’ll still have them, use them, control them, pay them… 😉


A: Unfortunately, we can’t detect all your subscriptions automatically. You’ll have to set up your subscriptions to get a Revuto Virtual Debit card within the Revuto app. Afterwards, you’ll be able to use that card with your service provider, control spending, add different sources of payment for that card etc.


A: At the moment we don’t offer direct discounts. The discount we’ll offer will arise from the use of Defi services to help you earn more REVU and consequently pay less for your subscriptions. And there is a 4% cash-back option for our premium uses so that’s a fair discount. Lastly, our Referral Program incentives you to bring us your friends so you can earn a passive income by getting rewards in REVU whenever tour referred friends use Revuto to pay something. Many discounts 💰

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