Announcing a Special Surprise for Early Bird Tier1 Investors: Your Own Revuto NFT

In less than 24 hours, the first tier of the REVU token sale kicks off. The Early Bird Tier 1 sale will be your first chance to acquire Revuto’s native token and stake a claim in the subscription payment ecosystem we’re building.

But that’s not all: we’re pleased to reveal that there’s a special surprise in store for all participants in the Early Bird sale on May 18.

To all early bird T1 investors, Revuto will send a special NFT as proof that they were the first participants to have completed a token sale on the Cardano network. This is a historic event that, like the first Ethereum ICO or the first ever NFTs, will attain hallowed status in years to come.

There will likely be hundreds or thousands of token sales held on Cardano, but there will only be one first, and those of you fortunate enough to participate in that monumental event will be awarded a keepsake over and above your REVU token allocation.

The limited edition Revuto NFT you’ll receive will serve as a permanent record of your participation and a reminder of this pivotal moment in both Cardano and Revuto’s history.

To mark the start of the Tier 1 sale, there will also be a live event hosted on Revuto’s YouTube channel when the sale commences at 8:00 UTC on May 18. It’ll provide a chance to follow along, ask the Revuto team questions, and monitor the progress of the public sale. The live event will last for approximately two hours.

We’re excited to welcome you to the Revuto token sale, and we’re particularly excited to be able to award commemorative NFTs to successful participants in the Early Bird Tier 1 sale.

You can watch the REVU Public Token Sale official launch and the opening of the Early Bird Tier 1 round live on our Youtube channel. The video will go live while the audience will have the opportunity to see Revuto team members talk about Revuto, chat about the event with others, ask the Revuto team questions and follow the progress of the Early Bird Tier1 token sale round. See you on the frontlines at 8:00 UTC sharp.

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