Buy Crypto in the Revuto App!

4 min readFeb 7, 2023

Buy Crypto in the Revuto App!

We live in a digitally-enhanced world where we expect things to be quick, easy, and accomplishable in the tap of a finger. Buying cryptocurrency is sometimes a bit more complicated than we’d like it to be. Exchanges have their rules, regulations, procedures, and fees. This sometimes holds people off from making a purchase, but we want to make sure that anyone who wants to buy cryptocurrency can do that.

Revuto is a crypto project dedicated to making finances more manageable. And that’s one of the reasons why we decided to offer the option of purchasing cryptocurrency right in our app. Now you can feel how quick and easy buying crypto can be by using the Revuto app for your next cryptocurrency purchase, all powered by Banxa.

Banxa is a financial technology platform that allows people to purchase digital assets with fiat currency. The idea is to make these transactions faster and be carried out with lower fees. As Revuto is committed to bringing the best options available to its users, we decided to integrate Banxa power into our app.

This has not been an instantaneous update. A lot of work has gone into preparing for the launch of the feature. The process of technical integration is one that has been taking place behind the scenes. As with any update to the app, our developers spend a lot of time to ensure that everything operates smoothly. Legal compliance is another thing that we must always have covered as we expand our services and make them available to users. It takes time to ensure that everything is in proper order. We won’t go into all the specifics of technical and legal details involved in this partnership and update, but it’s safe to say that we have been very thorough in making sure that everything has been done right.

What’s more, as we worked to integrate third party providers, something that is always a bit complicated when a user-friendly UX is the goal, both data sharing and privacy have proved to be critical. Again, this means that updates sometimes don’t come as quickly as we’d like them to, but there is a very clear and rational reason for the extra time that it takes to get them ready for release.

For now, users can take advantage of the Banxa service and purchase ADA directly in the Revuto app using FIAT. We can’t wait for users to be able to use FIAT to purchase REVU directly in the Revuto app and use these tokens to pay for their subscription services. But our plan doesn’t stop there. In the future, we’d like to enable on-ramping FIAT to other Cardano tokens, too.

Revuto has forged a partnership with one of the best players in the FIAT-to-Crypto onramp and Crypto-to-FIAT offramp business. This integration puts us in an excellent position to offer the same setup to all other Cardano projects we partner with and support. We strongly believe in the future of DeFi and RealFi and are committed to promoting solutions that can change the way we all deal with our finances.

The introduction of Banxa-powered purchasing of crypto currency in the Revuto app takes us another step closer to the launch of our core product — subscription management and payment. Our partnership with Banxa will eventually allow us to offramp Crypto back to FIAT via Revuto Debit Cards once they are launched. As you can see, this partnership is one that is going to help make Revuto all that you want it to be…and more.

Your Revuto team

Download the Revuto app from the App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery.

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