Celebrating 100,000 Sign-Ups on the Revuto App

Our first blog of the month heralded the much-anticipated launch of the Revuto app, so it seems fitting to close out August by discussing the app’s performance thus far.

The first decentralized application (dApp) to launch on the Cardano blockchain, Revuto allows users to manage all their subscriptions (Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, etc) from a single place, with integrated DeFi services presenting additional yield-bearing opportunities.

The New Referral Program is Booming

Since debuting on the Google Play and App Store, the app has seen a total of over 100,000 sign-ups, with more than 20,000 new users coming directly from our new referral program. The latter enables early sign-ups and token sale investors to earn REVU rewards for the lifetime of the customers they send our way, not to mention cashback on other purchases. The uptake has been phenomenal.

The vast number of people interacting with the Revuto app is a cause for celebration at Revuto HQ — and not only for the reasons you might assume. Yes, we’re thrilled that our crypto-powered subscription management platform is doing well, but the scale of the success means that we’re also able to gather plenty of feedback from a large number of user spread throughout the world.

Needless to say, we’ve been combing through reviews on the respective App Store and digesting comments sent to us through email and social media. Whatever the sentiment, all responses are fed back to our talented developers who work continually to ensure that the app operates as intended.

Throughout the month, these indefatigable developers have implemented minor bug fixes based either on incoming feedback or their own monitoring endeavors. For example, a PDF bug on Android devices was recently flagged up and expertly patched — it’s now working like a charm.

The latest round of updates have just been collated, and soon, the application will take on the look and function we originally envisaged. Many users have also been enquiring about KYC processes. As stated in the beginning, our plan was to open KYC in batches rather than all at once. The KYC is actually conducted by a third party, but we felt that a gradual unlocking would be the best way forward to prevent congestion issues.

In any case, we are gradually allowing greater numbers of users to verify their accounts and get going. If you’re wondering what the KYC process looks like, check out the video: https://t.me/revuto/542

Looking Ahead

All in all, we couldn’t have hoped for a better first month. Especially since the app hasn’t been our sole concern this month: we’ve also been juggling our sticker contest, opening new Telegram channels in different languages, running a major marketing campaign in the UK, and rolling out unique NFTs for EBT1 investors.

If we didn’t love what we do so much, we’d need a breather! But lucky for you, we do: so we’re going to keep on trucking. Looking ahead, we’re particularly excited about listing the REVU token on cryptocurrency exchanges — it’s something our community members often ask us about. As with KYC, our message is, “Be patient. All will be revealed in time.”

We hope that you’re enjoying the app, and if you haven’t yet downloaded it — what are you waiting for? When you’ve had a play around, be sure to leave us a review in the App Store.

Naturally, we hope it’s a glowing five-star review but don’t let us influence you! Spreading the word will help us attain a higher ranking, and your write-up could be the deciding factor that pushes someone to tap that all-important ‘Install’ button.

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Control your subscriptions with Revuto! Visit our web: https://revuto.com/ for more info 🚀

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Control your subscriptions with Revuto! Visit our web: https://revuto.com/ for more info 🚀

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