Control your Subscriptions with Revuto

Have you ever regretted the amount of money you paid for a particular subscription service? You don’t have to worry about that anymore! Stop subscriptions from stealing your money with Revuto — an app that will save you money by blocking all recurring payments, subscriptions, or other charges unless you approve them.

Revuto is a unique app that saves money to its users by sending them instant notifications to Approve, Block, or Postpone (Snooze!) subscription charges or any other recurring payments as they occur, will be available in the second half of 2020. To get early access to the Revuto app and to use it for free, all you have to do is sign up at

With Revuto you can:

  • Categorize subscriptions and setup spending limits
  • Customize alarms and notifications
  • Add several cards and other payment sources to the Revuto app but use single card information to subscribe
  • Use Revuto AI to postpone subscription payment to the maximal extent but without service suspension
  • Share subscription charges with other members

After signing up for Revuto start sharing your Referral Link and earn up to 600 Revutokens (REVU) through stages (Basic, Advanced, Pro).

When subscribed to services:

  • Small monthly payments seem cheap but yearly they are not
  • The full terms of the subscription plans are usually not emphasized
  • You can easily forget about ongoing subscription charges
  • It is difficult to unsubscribe
  • Services will charge your card indefinitely
  • Services will charge your cards without upfront notification

Save your money and time! Control your subscriptions and take control over your finances with Revuto.

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