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The Rstronaut just landed on another planet in the Cardano Universe

Revuto started 2022 on the right note by teaming up with some of the best Cardano projects and adding REVU tokens to farming pools within the Revuto Staking Center. VyFinance and SundaeSwap were the first farming pools where Revuto users were able to farm SUNDAE and VYFI tokens by staking REVU tokens. Farming pools that offer competitive yields and unique rewards in the form of other Cardano Native Tokens immediately became very popular in the Cardano community. That being said, our Rstronaut started a mission to explore the Cardano universe in order to find the best staking planets.

After the Special Genius Yield ISPO where users were able to participate in the initial distribution of supply for a new Cardano Native Token by staking REVU tokens, we introduced the R Fund staking pool where users are able to stake ADA tokens and earn 15% APR, which will be distributed 10% in ADA with an additional bonus of 5% in the form of Cardano Native Tokens from R Fund investments. In addition to an appealing APR of 15%, users who stake at least 500 ADA in this staking pool can also earn a Special R Fund NFT which will provide users an opportunity to participate in public sales within the Revuto app under special conditions and privileged terms.

In a recent poll, we asked our community which tokens they would like to farm by staking REVU tokens. The results showed us that our Rstronaut must land on the WMT planet and try to find a new staking deal there. And here it is — one more amazing staking opportunity where you can earn 25,000 WMT tokens by staking REVU tokens.

World Mobile — connecting the unconnected

Imagine life without the Internet. It just wouldn’t be the same. No access to information, education, business, banking, world news, or communication with friends and family. Half of the planet, 3.7 billion people, still remain unconnected. Through blockchain and the sharing economy, World Mobile aims to solve this problem and to provide Internet access, data protection, and economic freedom. More info about World Mobile and the WMT token can be found on their website:

You probably already know that if you join us in our space adventure where we explore the Cardano Universe, you can earn an Rstronaut NFT. Holders of this NFT can get a $10,000 reward. Hurry up to secure your spot in this staking pool to remain eligible for the Rstronaut NFT.

The subscription period for our WMT farming pool starts tomorrow, 22.04.2022 at 10:00 UTC and will last for 10 days until 02.05.2022. During that period, investors will be able to stake a minimum of 2k REVU and a maximum of 100k REVU. The staking period will start on 02.05.2022 at 10:00 UTC and will last for 90 days. APR shown in the Revuto app is based on the 25,000 WMT token allocation and the total amount of REVU tokens staked in this pool. The stated APR will also change based on price volatility of both tokens (REVU and WMT) during the 90-day period.

Staking pool details

• Staking Pool Hard Cap: 2,500,000 REVU (first-come, first-served)
• Maximum staking amount per user: 100k REVU, (minimum 2k REVU)
• Reward allocation: 25,000 WMT tokens
• Subscription period: 10 days
• Staking period: 90 days

Once you pledge your tokens to the farming pool, they are locked for a period of 90 days. During that time frame, you cannot withdraw your tokens and you can’t harvest rewards until the lock-up period ends. One more important caveat to highlight is that in case we fill up the pool and reach the Hard Cap in the first 24 hours, the pool will promptly be locked and no more tokens can be added after that. Please note that users will not receive APR during the subscription period.

Note: To be able to send out REVU in the staking pool, you’ll need to have a sufficient amount of 1.7 ADA to cover the transaction fee. 1.44 ADA is the minimum amount needed due to Cardano’s UTXO setup + 0.18 ADA for the transaction fee. You will receive your 1.44 ADA back after your REVU tokens return from the staking pool to your wallet. This setup doesn’t have anything to do with the Revuto Wallet, but with existing Cardano blockchain UTXO requirements.

Be sure to download the Revuto app from the App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery to get access to all of Revuto’s current staking opportunities and more!

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