How Revuto Became the Biggest Community Builder on Cardano

Number of wallets created is one of the most common metrics by which crypto projects determine their success. Revuto is no different, although it’s safe to say we consider dozens of factors in our continual self-assessments.

Incredibly, the Revuto Referral Program will be responsible for the creation of — wait for it — 2.4 million new wallet addresses for the Cardano blockchain. These early sign-ups for our app have helped bolster our vision for a crypto-powered subscription solution that delivers major benefits to consumers around the world.

As we gear up for the long-anticipated launch of the Revuto app on August 1, we felt it was a good idea to look back over our journey to date. Just how did we manage to become the biggest builder community on Cardano, selling out $10m USD worth of native tokens to seasoned investors in the process?

Levelling Up the Subscription Economy

It all starts with the product — an intuitive subscription management platform that allows users to Block, Snooze and Approve a slew of repeat goods services and products, from Spotify and Netflix to Disney+ and Hulu.

While we’d like to shower praise on our marketing team (they certainly deserve it), everyone at Revuto knows that the lion’s share of credit is reserved for our core offering — and the developers and early supporters who helped take it to the next level.

After all, Apple is a tremendously well-run tech company — but if iPhones and MacBooks weren’t very good, their slick marketing and savvy business nous would only get them so far. We’re proud that Revuto has captured the public’s imagination in a major way.

Of course, it’s true to say that we had a first-mover advantage in the sense that Revuto was the maiden token sale on Cardano, an open-source public blockchain known for its high transaction throughput and eco-friendly credentials. While this distinction helped generate some industry buzz, our unparalleled growth was not a given — with thousands of dApps rolling off the production line, Revuto had to shout to be heard. Back in May, the project raised $1.7 million in a private round led by BlackDragon Venture Capital and really started building momentum.

Since reaching that milestone, we have developed an NFT platform and marketplace for Early Bird Tier 1 investors; announced a new and improved Referral program; conducted a community-governed Token Generation Event (TGE); and watched as our follower numbers have surged across social media.

A Crypto Call to Arms

At present, there are over 23,000 community members following Revuto on Telegram, and over 25,000 on Twitter. Increasingly, we harness the wisdom of the crowd by running community polls whose results affect the overall direction of Revuto. Decentralized decision-making is the way forward.

Ultimately, we want everyone to play a part in the Revuto ecosystem. Whether you’re earning tokens by referring friends and family members; utilizing the REVU token for staking, borrowing or microlending purposes; or just using the app to determine how, when, and for how long you subscribe to a platform, we want you on the team.

Make no mistake, there’s plenty to look forward to in the coming months including regular hackathons, design challenges and marketing RFPs (Requests for Proposals) open to all and sundry. While all roads lead to the launch of our app, thereafter they promise to fork in several intriguing directions. If you’ve yet to get properly acquainted with everything Revuto has to offer, now really is the time.

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