How Revuto’s Subscription Payment Solution Works

Revuto’s philosophy is aligned with the cypherpunk ethos that ultimately spawned cryptocurrency. Blockchain-based networks that are completely decentralized are not governed by any central bank or monetary authority. Rather, they are maintained by a peer-to-peer computer network made up of user-controlled machines.

With Bitcoin, this role is played by miners, while on Cardano, where Revuto is launching, it is performed by nodes that secure the network, validate ADA transactions, and ensure the safety of smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain.

When using the Revuto dApp, you can pay for all your subscriptions using Cardano-native EURr stablecoins or the native REVU token. Thanks to Cardano’s soon to be released Plutus smart contract platform, it will be easy to acquire EURr stablecoins by minting them as a loan, while using REVU tokens as collateral.

The best part is that you can use the Revuto debit card when subscribing to goods and services, giving you freedom and flexibility in managing your money.

Now let’s take a look at what managing your subscriptions looks like with Revuto.

Subscriptions Payments Without the Pain

If you are a typical subscription user in the EU, you probably pay around €130 per month for all the things that interest you. But sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where you would like to eventually use a particular subscription, but at present, it doesn’t suit you to keep it active.

This entails tracking down the website and webpage where you first took out the subscription and enduring the tedious process of unsubscribing, while answering all the “why’s” and “are you sure you want to’s?” Then, when the time comes, you’ll have to go through the whole process of renewing the account you’ve canceled.

With the Revuto dApp, however, you can see the renewal dates for every single subscription you have via your dashboard, as well as the amounts that will be deducted on the due date. All you have to do is to input data pertaining to your current subscriptions into the Revuto dApp and then you can effortlessly manage them all in one place.

How to Use the Revuto dApp

First, connect all your recurring payments to the Revuto debit card. This means that at any time you choose, you can Block or Snooze a payment for as long as you like with a single click, without the risk of debits affecting the balance of your regular debit/credit card. When the time is right for you to jump back in, click Approve your subscription and resume the service

The snooze option, meanwhile, comes in handy when you’re waiting to receive funds that will arrive later than the renewal date for one of your pending subscription payments. Swipe to the right below the snooze button and choose exactly how many days to wait before your subscription is activated again.

Finally, cancelling your subscription is a breeze with the Revuto dApp. Log into your dashboard and with a single click cancel any service you choose. Simple.

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