How to Vote on Catalyst Fund 12 for Revuto?

2 min readJul 2, 2024


We are calling everyone to cast a vote for Revuto and to invite their friends to do it as well — let’s launch the VDCs!

As most of you are already aware, Revuto applied for the Fund 12 on IdeaCatalyst.
The aim of the Catalyst is to help projects that are built on Cardano. This is the first application ever for the Catalyst by Revuto.

Revuto aims to launch the long expected core feature — Subscription management with the VDCs that will be topped with Revu and other CNTs.

We are kindly asking for your assistance and to vote for the Revuto’s proposal!

The easiest way to vote would be to type “Vedran” in the search bar within the voting app to locate our proposal and vote for it.

You can check our proposal directly here:

Many users have asked for the details on how to vote on Catalyst, so we are sharing all the needed steps here:

1) The first important thing is that you had to register your wallet before the voting itself. We were explaining the registration process in our previous blog our application to Project Catalyst’s Fund12

2) The wallets that have been registered will need to enter the Voting app and cast their votes for the projects they wish to support

3) For details, as well as screenshots of the process, please, check the detailed guide created by Catalyst here:

Vote for Revuto is vote for the unique features that will position entire Cardanoscan ecosystem in much beneficial position with all the upcoming features.
We appreciate and we are thankful for every single vote!

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