Introducing Marko Rukonic, the Software Wizard Behind Revuto

Revuto is the product of extensive development by a highly experienced software team. And at the helm is our CTO Marko Rukonic, the wizkid dev whose vision and many years of coding have been instrumental in taking Revuto this far. In this spotlight feature, we’d like to illuminate the great work being undertaken by our CTO and the journey that’s taken him here today.

While Revuto is the product of many minds working together to solve a shared problem, Marko has played a greater role than anyone in engineering that code that makes Revuto tick. His vision has played a pivotal role in guiding our approach to building a crypto-powered subscription solution on Cardano.

After developing key expense management algorithms powering Mint and Quickbooks, that delight customers and businesses around the world for +10 years, Marko Rukonic took all of his knowledge, experience, and personal funds to start Revuto. He holds over 20 fintech patents and has several peer-reviewed publications on using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in expense management.

How It Started

Marko graduated from the University of Zagreb, Croatia with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science. From there, he found his first job at the credit card and payment services company Diners Club. There, he developed software for credit card processing and management as worked on the company’s first website.

After moving to the USA, Marko obtained employment as a software engineer at Silicon Valley companies Fujitsu America Inc, Healtheon (acquired by WebMD), and Visual Networks. Then, in early 2001, he joined Intuit, one of the world’s largest financial software and services companies.

At Intuit, Marko worked as a software engineer on the company’s Quicken line of products. These comprised financial portal, Quicken desktop, and finally Quicken Online, which was later replaced with While working at Intuit, Marko won three Founder’s Innovation Awards. Something that no other employee at Intuit achieved until today. These were awarded by Intuit founder Scott Cook to the most innovative solution implemented every year.

Marko was with Intuit for 20 years, and during his time there was responsible for devising a series of algorithms for automatic transaction classification. This achievement secured him his first dozen patents and promotion to a senior engineering role.

He is the author of 27 patents related to artificial intelligence (AI) and financial transactions, and was published in the most prestigious AI magazine in the world. AI magazine is a publication of AAAI, the world’s most respected organization for artificial intelligence. They organize several annual specialized AI conferences, and Marko participated in the one for innovative AI applications (the conference is called IAAI, which can be confusing because aaai is the organizer, for details see There are presented exclusively peer-reviewed scientific papers in the field of application of artificial intelligence.

AI Magazine, Fall 2020

How It’s Going

After two decades with Intuit, Marko was convinced to join Revuto after being impressed with the vision espoused by co-founder Vedran Vukman. “I always wanted to make a product that would allow users fine-grained spending controls using a specialized debit card,” recounts Marko, who voiced this idea to Vedran just as the latter was in the process of founding Revuto. The timing was right, and Marko took the plunge, joining Vedran and Josipa to become a co-founder of Revuto.

Elaborating on the tech that makes Revuto’s solution different, Marko explains,Revuto acts on knowledge about a transaction that’s about to happen, as opposed to standard trackers that can only work on transactions after they have already happened. Therefore while others can only analyze transactions after the fact, Revuto can act on transactions at their source.”

Financial transaction management is a specialist field with only a handful of genuine experts who have the research and experience to operate at the highest level. Marko Rukonic is one of those experts and we’re extremely fortunate to have him at Revuto, where he’s engineering a financial revolution one line of code at a time.

Marko, as mentioned, has two decades of expertise in the design, development, and deployment of high-reliability distributed software for online processing of financial data and payments. Marko holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Zagreb and is an inventor on more than 20 patents and a co-author of several peer-reviewed technical publications that you can see here:

Peer-reviewed papers:

Large Scale Personalized Categorization of Financial Transactions — Jul 16, 2019

Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence:

Using Small Business Banking Data for Explainable Credit Risk Scoring — Apr 3, 2020

Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence:

Google scholar:

Take a look at an interview our co-founder Jos did with Marko during our Token Sale:

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