Introducing Our Compliance Gurus, the Zunic Law Firm

3 min readJul 8, 2021


Compliance is something Revuto takes very seriously. Ultimately, we have seen too many projects pay lip service to regulations and either crash and burn or attract the ire of legislators. That won’t be our story. In order for Revuto (and the industry at large) to maximize its potential, we must dot our I’s and cross our T’s where compliance is concerned.

In this post, we’d like to shine a spotlight on the legal eagles who made our Token Sale such a roaring success. And who give us confidence that we are on a sure footing in everything we do.

Introducing the Zunic Law Firm

Compliance constitutes a set of processes that ensure a team can uphold certain rules which make up the organization to which they belong.

When compliance is well prepared, it increases efficiency and effectiveness because employees know, intuitively, how to do their jobs and how to reason through ambiguous situations. Thus, compliance’s purpose is not to generate NO; it aims for intuitive YES.

The legal framework instructs individuals on how to act and operate. It holds our business accountable. Without predictable rules and patterns to follow, doing business would be completely chaotic.

That is why our trusted legal advisor Nemanja Zunic and the entire Zunic Law Firm played such an instrumental role in our Token Sale process. Nemanja is more than a lawyer, with a strong business mindset and solid blockchain and crypto domain expertise.

We are excited about future adventures with them, and we are happy to partner and recommend Nemanja and his Zunic Law Firm, a long-standing member of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium (GLBC). The firm’s office is staffed by luminaries from some of the finest universities in the world, many of whom are specialists in legal matters arising from cryptocurrency transactions and ICOs.

The phrase ‘safe pair of hands’ doesn’t quite do justice to the diligent behind-the-scenes work conducted by Nemanja and his team in recent months, work that helped us attract over two million global users.

Behind every sustainable crypto project, there are people like Nemanja. We are absolutely thrilled to have him on our side.

Speaking of compliance, we recently learned that enforcement actions relating to AML breaches and regulatory violations have resulted in $2.5 billion worth of penalties being imposed on crypto companies. And that’s just in the US. Ouch. We don’t plan on adding to that figure anytime soon!

Well, that’s about it for our latest update. Remember to keep an eye on our social channels for the latest news, and you can also participate in an AMA with our co-founder Vedran on July 12 at 1pm UTC. Got a burning question you need answered concerning Revuto’s past, present and future? Vedran’s the man to ask.

See you soon! 👋

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