Launch of Revuto app v3.0

7 min readAug 8, 2022

Fasten your seatbelts and hold on tight; the time has finally come for the Revuto app to get a major upgrade, and with this upgrade comes the long-awaited subscription management feature.

Want to know more? Of course, you do… let’s dive in.

The Revuto app v3.0 is a game changer!

The big news is that v3.0 will contain the subscription management feature we have been planning since the beginning, which paves the way for the next big launch — Revuto Virtual Debit Cards (VDCs). So, as big as the announcement of v3.0 seems to be, this update is still just a small step toward what we’re all waiting for, and that’s the ability to actively manage to whom, how much, with what, and when to pay. And, of course, the ability to pay for subscriptions with crypto.

Although the Virtual Debit Cards still won’t be up and running for a while, this update aims to introduce you to our core feature and get your feedback about it. In short, we ask you to download the update and start adding your subscriptions to the subscription management section, which will now, with the updated user interface (navigation), become the home feature of the app. Once you do that, the app will start to follow your subscriptions and their billing cycles to send you notifications about when your next payment is due.

For now, it’s essential to test the setup and let us know if there are any bugs or things you find not working right so we can fix those before VDCs come. In the meantime, we’ll also be testing the setup to get everything ready for the VDCs finally.

Still, even though you won’t be able to control payments without a VDC, we advise you to take advantage of the setup. If nothing else, notifications sent 24H in advance will remind you when you need to pay for something or decide not to pay and save money. The notifications should be beneficiary, especially when opting for a free trial.

When adding and editing your subscription details, please note that you need to do it manually. We’re aware that the flow of manually adding subscription details may seem complicated and has its downsides when it comes to the accuracy of the data provided but don’t worry about it. Once we add VDCs to the setup and you replace your debit and/or credit cards with Revuto Virtual Debit cards to pay for your subscriptions, Revuto will use webhooks to check the details as soon as the service provider tries to charge you. If we see differences in the data about the due date, billing cycle, and the price you entered, the app will automatically notify you about those changes and allow you to correct the data.

Let’s go through everything new in the Revuto app v3.0:

  • UX (app navigation)
  • Subscription management
  • Password sharing

UX (app navigation)

As we already mentioned, active subscription management is the core product around which we’ll continue building everything in the app, so even the crypto-related feature you have been using while the core product was not available will be adjusted to the new setup from now on. When you download the app, you will notice that the main app navigation is new and that

subscription management serves as the hub of the app. You can expect further UIX adjustments with upcoming 3.x app updates.

Subscription management as a centerpiece of the app

Now, in the subscription section of the app, you can add all of your various subscriptions, which are categorized as Due, Free Trial, Shared, Snoozed, and Blocked. For now, the main categories you’ll be able to use are those under Due, Free Trial, and Shared. Blocked and Snoozed payments will be seen once subscription management becomes active (with VDCs).

As mentioned above, once you add subscriptions, you’ll get notifications to remind you when payments are due and, most importantly, when those pesky free trials are about to run out.

Again, we politely ask you to add your subscriptions to the app as the step is a pre-requirement to get corresponding Virtual Debit Cards once we add VDCs to the setup. Those two steps — adding subscriptions and later adding VDCs to your subscription accounts — will finally put the power in your hands when it comes to subscription payments.

Password sharing

In addition to the subscription management feature, Revuto v3.0 also brings our password sharing feature.

As Revuto is all about helping you save money on your subscriptions, the password-sharing option will save you money by allowing you to get credential info about shared subscriptions from your friends and family, but all while respecting the T&Cs of the subscription service.

When it comes to subscriptions, we’re all aware of family accounts and the opportunity to subscribe with more than one device, so we decided to offer our users a simple and secure way to store and share their subscription credentials with the ones they would share their passwords anyways.

The feature is built to protect your data at all times, so all your passwords are tokenized to maintain security and will never leave the device where the app is running.

What about previously existing features?

All of the previously-released features in the app remain but to reach them, we added a handy “home” ® button. Once you click the Revuto icon, you’ll find the following:

  • Revuto wallet & Staking Center
  • NFTs
  • Referral program
  • ICO balance
  • Vouchers

With the next v3.x updates, you can expect more adjustments to the new navigation with the current features being updated to suit subscription management. At one point, we’ll add more features even to the subscription management itself, like the statistics section where you’ll be able to see how much money you’re spending on your monthly or yearly subscriptions, how and when you paid for them, how much money you saved by blocking payments, and similar.

Please note that the upgrade is available only for Android devices. iOS will follow shortly after.

Because of summer vacations and a bit slower development from the vendors we work with, Revuto app v3.0 for iOS devices will come a little later by the end of the month. We apologize for the situation, but after asking for suggestions from the community about how to proceed, we decided to release the Android version before iOS. Still, all further development will continue to run in parallel for both platforms, so you can expect new v.3.x app updates for both platforms around the same time.

We’d like to wrap up with a few words from Mario Rubinic, who’s been working with AsyncLabs on the new app release: “Version 3.0 brings a long-awaited overhaul and upgrade toward fully payment-backed subscription management. Why is version 3.0 a big stepping stone for Revuto? With 3.0, we have invested monumental effort in merging our crypto domain (wallet, staking center, and portfolio management) with subscription management (managing subs, managing passwords, and a complete notification system for keeping up to date with your subscriptions). This required merging those two system architectures and revisiting how we perceive navigation inside the app. Now, the subscription and crypto domains have become one unified user experience for our Revutonians. With 3.0, we are opening the door to a much wider audience outside the crypto space, and we wish for them to have straightforward onboarding into our crypto ecosystem. As such, this was a big focus for us in the months leading up to this release. 3.0 is also a significant stepping stone towards finalized payments as we have to phase out subscription management and cautiously approach payments due to the specifics of the regulatory environment of traditional finance and payments.”

Your Revuto Team

Download the Revuto app from the App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery.

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