Meet the Revuto Team: COO Boris Jurić

Meet the Team

We here at Revuto are happy to present a new series for the community. Meet the Team is a project designed to introduce the people responsible for making Revuto what it is.

By now, you are probably familiar with many of our team members, but we decided it was time to go into a little more detail for everyone to have a better understanding of who all is behind Revuto.

COO Boris Jurić

Boris Jurić serves as Revuto’s COO (Chief Operating Officer). This role is one that requires problem solving that encompasses the activities that take place within business units as well as coordinating cooperation among departments.

Our COO takes some things off the plates of the founders of the company so that they can focus on other elements important to the business.

Boris is an important member of our team and helps to hold things together and ensure that processes and operations function smoothly and effectively.

Q: Where do you see Revuto in 2030?

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