Micro-lending and Borrowing: A Little-Known Revuto Use Case


  • According to a recent report, the amount of debt outstanding exceeds $30 billion
  • With our blockchain-based micro-lending solution, Revuto aims to serve the Cardano community in a meaningful way, helping individuals, startups, entrepreneurs and indeed anyone acquire the micro-credit they badly need
  • Take a look at our short video showing REVU micro-borrowing in action
  • Read more about how micro-lending and borrowing will work on Revuto

Decentralized Lending is Coming to Revuto

Many Revutonians late to the party might not realize that we are building more than just a crypto-powered subscription payment platform. That’s right: in addition to helping you leverage Cardano-native tokens and DeFi to pay for your subscriptions, we’ll also be offering decentralized borrowing and lending.

How Does Micro-lending and Borrowing on Revuto Work?

Essentially, by giving holders of our native REVU token access to loans denominated in Cardano-native EURR stablecoins. All you need to do to obtain working capital is to stake REVU, with these tokens serving as collateral for the microloan. At the same time, of course, you’ll also earn yield on your REVU.

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