Partnership: BattleAlliance and Revuto

6 min readSep 29, 2022

From the beginning, Revuto’s goal has been not only to build great projects on its own but also to help other projects within the Cardano ecosystem succeed and, most importantly, to partner with the best projects for the benefit of its users.

You’ve most likely already heard us talking about how Revuto is paying attention to the world of NFTs and how we are building our own ecosystem of utility NFTs, which, believe it or not, have a purpose. Our awesome Rstronaut NFTs are the latest example of Revuto’s plan to include NFTs in our app’s staking center. Now it’s time to hear about what we can do when it comes to partnering with Cardano projects focusing on nothing else but NFTs specifically.

One of the projects we admire is called Battle Alliance.

Battle Alliance is an NFT alliance minted on the Cardano blockchain and hosted by the BattleCats team. The alliance includes BattleCats, BattleDogs, and the Last Guardian projects. More importantly, behind these NFT projects, there’s an action P2E, multi-player turn-based strategy game with NFTs implementation. The game includes characters from BattleCats, BattleDogs, and the Last Guardian.

Srdjan, one of the co-founders of Battle Alliance, explained how they came up with the game: “We all loved to play the Worms game, especially in multiplayer. It was a simple and fun game with an unsurpassed concept. We have worked out the same concept for our game but added cats, aliens, dogs, and crazy weapons as NFTs. In the end, we decided to call the game Battle Alliance.”

Further development of the concept led the team to add characters from other projects, and that’s where, among other Cardano projects, Revuto comes into the “game”.

“The goal was to grow the BattleAlliance community and the user base of all partnering projects, so we decided to make the game even more interesting and fun by making it accessible to other projects interested in cooperation”, Srdjan adds.

Before jumping into what the BattleAlliance team has prepared for Revuto, let’s explain why their NFTs are so special. In short, all their NFTs are:

  • HAND DRAWN and digitally colored, each one with love and great passion.
  • UNIQUE, exactly how they should be.

Also, by making these NFTs so damn special, there’s a desire and vision on the part of the team to:

  • deliver art in which we ourselves would invest.
  • make a game that we ourselves would play.
  • make a long-term project.
  • continue building what we have been working on for the last 12 months.

Announcing the BattleDogs

BattleDogs are a sequel to the story of the BattleCats. As the team is constantly trying to raise the bar to a higher level, the BattleDogs NFT collection continues with a slightly different style while honoring the same values of being hand-drawn and unique NFTs but with a big upgrade. All BattleDogs NFTs will come with animated backgrounds.

The team will release a limited number of only 2995 unique BattleDogs NFTs in two series divided into six classes plus 75 custom-made Mutated BattleDogs. Series 1 will have 1495 NFTs, including 35 Mutated BattleDogs (the last custom-made NFTs based on the portfolio version).

The classes in Series 1 are: Common (450 NFTs), Uncommon (400 NFTs), Rare 300 NFTs, Epic (200 NFTs), Legendary (60 NFTs), Mythical (50 NFTs), and Mutated (35 NFTs).


On the occasion of announcing its strategic partnership with the Revuto project and the first anniversary of the BattleCats project, the Battle Alliance team will be selling BattleDogs NFTs for a symbolic price of $1.5–3.25 ADA + network fee (0,21* ADA). The total amount you pay is 6.7* ADA, while 3.25 ADA will be returned to your wallet along with the minted NFT.

More importantly, 365 whitelist spots are explicitly reserved for Revuto users.

To secure your BattleDogs NFT, you must whitelist your non-custodial Cardano wallet (Nami, Eternl, GeroWallet, Flint, Typhon Wallet, Cwallet, Yoroi…) by joining the BattleAlliance Discord channel —

Wallets verified before September 29, 2022 9 PM UTC will be able to mint their NFT on the same day but after 10 PM UTC. Other verified wallets will not be able to mint NFTs immediately after the verification, meaning you’ll have to wait a bit until the entry is made. Note that you can mint only one NFT per whitelisted wallet.

Mutated DNA BattleDogs

The entire series contains 22 NFTs with the Mutated DNA label. These NFTs, besides being the highest class and providing you with an airdrop of an animated BattleDogs NFT, also provide you with additional rewards. Every lucky winner who mints one of these NFTs will receive $10 in $REVU and $5 in $NFTC tokens.

Other things you’ll get with a Mutated DNA BattleDog NFT:

  • access to our upcoming P2E game.
  • opportunity to stake NFT on
  • passive income in $NFTC token via
  • opportunity to sign up for the $NMKR token airdrop (next round coming soon)
  • guaranteed Airdrop in Battle Alliance Token & cool art

In the end, you’ll hold an NFT from an honest and hardworking team, so — Happy minting!

In addition to the opportunity for Revuto users to mint unique and rare NFTs on the Cardano blockchain for an affordable price, the partnership between both projects will feature Revuto and their Rstronauts in the upcoming BattleAlliance P2P game. Still, to find out more about why, among other great NFT projects on Cardano, Revuto chose to support the BattleAlliance team first, please, check our latest podcast video in which our CEO Vedran hosted one of their founders.

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