Project Catalyst’s Fund12: Revuto’s application

3 min readMay 28, 2024


The Wonderful World of Cardano

The Cardano ecosystem has long been an innovative place for groundbreaking projects to come to life. In addition to Cardano’s digital infrastructure, its treasury is also paramount in providing the support that can make amazing things happen.

The Cardano ecosystem is focused on providing the projects being built on it with significant support.

That is how Project Catalyst came to be, with a focus on Ideas, ​Innovation, and Impact!

Project Catalyst is the world’s largest decentralized innovation engine for solving real-world challenges. It is an initiative from Cardano that brings funding opportunities to projects in order to supply selected ones with ADA to transform ideas into reality.

We are currently in Fund12 and finalized proposals are reviewed by the community, who are rewarded in ADA to offer their opinions and evaluate and rate proposals against impact, feasibility, resources, value for money, and success metrics.

How Revuto Fits In

There are 6 categories for which projects can apply. Revuto has applied for the Product category.

Earlier this month, Revuto CEO Vedran Vukman decided to ask the Revuto community for its thoughts about applying for Project Catalyst funding. This is something that the project has never done before for a number of reasons, but is now something that we see to be needed for our future success.

Revuto will be launching its core product, and for that, MASTERCARD integration is needed so we can bring Cardano Native Tokens to Debit Cards supporting crypto and remove friction between crypto liquidity and real-world economic activities, namely subscription payments.

As we are aiming to raise 380K ADA (out of 500K as maximum), we would use that ADA to push app development further, proceed with Fireblocks (custodial wallet setup) and start issuing VDCs with Linkcy!

At the moment, the timing of this funding opportunity fits perfectly with our plans to launch our core product — Virtual Debit Cards.

We really want to ensure that this happens right and that the Revuto project ends up changing the way not only that people manage and pay for their subscriptions but also how they understand and use cryptocurrency in a daily and practical way.

Let’s make it happen!

As always, the biggest and best part of Revuto has been the community. And now, we would like to ask for a bit of help from your side to make this happen!

There are 2 stages of assistance that can be given to Revuto.

1) Head over to and be sure to click on the applause Emoji to upvote Revuto and contribute to the comment section, too.

2) Register yourself as a voter so you can vote and show your support for Revuto.

Note: Voter registration ends on June 18th and voting will take place from June 27th to July 11th
The full guide and voting process can be found here:

Your support for us in this funding opportunity is very important to us. We hope to see support for Revuto grow within the Cardano community and beyond. For that to happen, we realize how critical it is to have a strong presence everywhere that Cardano is. Let’s make this happen!

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