Recapping Revuto’s Whirlwind Week

Needless to say, the past seven days have been the busiest and most intense in the history of our project. And that’s saying something, because trust us, there have been some hectic days and weeks already!

As of today, we are thrilled to say that our native REVU token is trading live on two Tier 1 cryptocurrency exchanges, namely KuCoin and Here’s a recap of the recent madness…

Referral Rewards Doubled

In our latest blog, we revealed that we are doubling your referral percentage from 6% to 12% — but only in certain circumstances. The change will allow users to earn more passive income through Revuto, giving them a stronger stake in the continued success of our subscription management solution.

For those who missed the last post, let’s recap: those eligible for the doubled rewards, which are acquired via a special NFT, include community sale investors that don’t claim their tokens until May 1; REVU token-holders that stake at least 2,000 REVU for six months; and Early Bird Tier-2 (EBT2) investors. In the latter case, we shall be providing such parties with more information this week.

In addition, all token-holders who claimed their CS tokens — but still retain such tokens in the app — can contact us and express their desire to lock them back. This will, in turn, qualify such users for the enhanced referral rewards outlined above.

Remember, if you refer someone to us who signs up for the free version of the app, spends €100 a month on subscriptions, and pays 4% (€4) to Revuto for protection fees, you will earn 6% of that (€0.24) every month for that user. But if you have the new NFT, you’ll earn €0.48 for each user.

REVU Listing Plus Another AMA in the Books

When the REVU token started trading on KuCoin and, it was a momentous occasion for both ourselves and our loyal community of Revutonians. It was enormously satisfying to see so many of you participate in the sale.

The first trading pair to go live was REVU/USDT.

Although we had invested a lot of time and effort into readying ourselves for the big day, the sheer volume of users accessing our system and transferring tokens caused a few problems. Even the strongest systems can struggle under such an avalanche of interest! Nevertheless, it was awesome to witness such an extraordinary show of force from our community (our Twitter followers surged past 36K!). Rest assured, we will be tweaking every line of code and patching any infrastructure gap to make enhancements moving forward.

“Dear Revuto community, I’m proud to say that we have successfully provided liquidity to our token holders by listing REVU on Kucoin and exchanges. Becoming the first Cardano Native Token listed on the highest tier exchanges was not an easy task and that’s why I thank everyone for their support during the process.

Still, the job is far from done and that’s why our team is already focused on executing the most important part of our business — product development. In that regard, soon you can expect further Revuto App updates with amazing new features like Revuto Staking center, Revuto wallet upgrades (custodial wallet), subscription management with Revuto Virtual Debit Cards, and some other surprises we prepared for you which we’ll keep in secret until they’ll be ready for lunch on the Cardano mainnet. Again, thank you for your support, and together, let’s make Revuto thrive!”, shared Revuto’s CEO & co-founder Vedran Vukman.

Rather than stay behind the scenes glued to a trading screen, we conducted a live YouTube ask-me-anything session during trading. If you missed it, you can catch up here. It was great to get the team together on one stage and answer questions in real time as our Telegram channels blew up.

Speaking of undesirables, the past week has brought a number of scammers out of the woodwork. Pre-listing, we warned you about these shady characters and sure enough they smelled blood in the water and duly sought to commence a feeding frenzy. Too bad for them, our admins got wind of their plans and we started alerting all of our followers across social media.

It’s worth reiterating: no team member from REVUTO will ever send you a private message containing any contribution address or offer any bonus/giveaway/airdrop! Be ultra-wary of fake social media accounts masquerading as Revuto and NEVER send funds to ANYONE claiming to be from our team. In fact, never share your details or any wallet info… with anyone!

Shining a Spotlight on Cardano

As you would expect, it’s been an intense week for the overall Cardano ecosystem. As the first Cardano-native asset to list on top-tier exchanges, Revuto played a major part in that and received coverage from several high-profile media outlets such as Business Insider, Finance Magnates, Coin Telegraph and Bitcoinist.

This year will undoubtedly be a big one for Cardano, with Charles Hoskinson aiming to deploy an eUTXO model that positions the blockchain between EVM and Bitcoin smart contracts. Some 100 engineers are hard at work on the project, which Hoskinson says must be done by October. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing other projects sprout up on Cardano rails: a rising tide lifts all boats!

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