$REVU Token Utility

7 min readMay 27, 2023


The Primary Utility of REVU

Utility tokens, of course, are designed for a specific purpose. In the case of REVU, that primary purpose is the payment of subscription fees that you manage in the Revuto app.

You can learn all about REVU token utility within the Revuto ecosystem (app) and why it will start creating demand for REVU once we launch our Card Program in the following video:

At the moment, REVU tokens can be purchased, sold, and traded on two tier 1 centralized exchanges — KuCoin, Gate.io, and also on a number of decentralized exchanges on Cardano like MuesliSwap, VyFinance, and Minswap.

We’ve got great news when we add that the next platform where everybody will be able to purchase REVU directly with their debit or credit card will be the Revuto app! For this FIAT to Crypto onramp, we partnered with one of the best service providers in the business called Banxa. By having the “Buy REVU” with cards feature ready in our app, Revuto users will be able to purchase REVU with USD, EUR and many other FIAT currencies and get REVU added to their Cardano non-custodial wallet created in the Revuto app.

Once the feature is live, Banxa will use REVU token liquidity from centralized exchanges where REVU is listed to send users REVU that they have purchased. If many users decide to purchase REVU directly from the Revuto app, this should result in the REVU token price going up because it will create additional demand for REVU on the open market. In short, Revuto will never use REVU tokens held by the company to provide liquidity to Banxa.

Expanding REVU token utility outside the Revuto ecosystem

Revuto has been a part of the Cardano ecosystem as we saw a lot of potential with this association. Our subscription management app has been built on Cardano, and we take pride in the Cardano enthusiasts who have been attracted to our project and token.

Being a part of the Cardano community has opened a lot of opportunities and we’ve been able to network with other prospective projects within this ecosystem.

Since our private round and public sale two years ago, we’ve been dedicated to our Cardano Native Token and its utility. Paying for subscription services using cryptocurrency is something we feel will change the way we manage these finances in today’s world but before we do that, the team has decided to partner with different third party services to expand the utility and demand for REVU tokens.

To make the integration seamless and intuitive for non-crypto savvy people, we decided to use the Revuto Staking Center infrastructure and upgrade it to allow other (external) services access information about how much and which tokens users can send directly from the Revuto wallet to that service without a hassle. In short, every integration with an external service will be shown on the “send” screen of the Revuto wallet where the user can opt to send specific Cardano assets directly to that service.

Because of regulatory requirements, some services may be accessible only to users from specific countries. Once the team announces the integration, everybody will be informed about those restrictions. The team will use newsletter, social media channels and in-app notifications to inform all or specific users about the availability of a service through the Revuto wallet and it will explain the utility of the REVU token in that external setup.

Once the user transfers funds to the external service, the funds will stay on-chain but out of the control of the Revuto app. Still, every integration will be set up to allow users easy withdrawal of REVU or other CNT (if available) assets directly to the user’s non-custodial wallet shown in the Revuto app. In the beginning, sending Cardano assets to a third party service and withdrawal back to the Revuto wallet may take up to 6 hours, but Revuto will work on making the process much faster.

By offering such integration with third party services, we believe that Revuto will be able to expand the usage of its REVU token beyond what we had envisioned in the beginning. Literally, the options are limitless. As a result, all REVU token holders should benefit from this setup because, if there is interest for such services, the demand for REVU tokens should surge and, as a result, the price of the REVU token should go up.

The first partnership of this kind will be announced in the upcoming days.

The Revuto team is already working on integration with the first external service to allow users to use REVU tokens outside the REVUTO ecosystem. The service is running a business model which is very well known around the world and has been adopted by many people. The announcement of the setup and in what use case people will be able to use their REVU tokens will be explained during the next Live YouTube AMA held by the founder(s) and team members. We can’t tell much about it now because Revuto and its partner will use the opportunity to market the first integration and spread word about it to a very wide user base including people who haven’t been informed about Revuto in the past. The goal is to create buzz and interest about both platforms.

We made an effort to choose wisely about with whom we’d integrate first and how, with it, to tackle the biggest market possible. We think the integration should be interesting to many users, especially because it will bring some competitive advantages compared to what’s already available on the market and also, we’ll bring some novelty in the business which is generating billions of dollars in revenue every year.

Integrating with the Battle Alliance

The second partnership will be the integration with the Battle Alliance team and their PlayToEarn game built specifically to allow people learn about the Cardano projects with which they have partnered with, to earn Cardano assets from those projects while playing the game, and to make people have crazy fun while playing the game.

The game is built using UnrealEngine, and it will integrate characters branded in partnering projects on Cardano which should be even more fun when different people play it.

In this setup, Revuto will support the Battle Alliance team (Follow Battle Alliance on Twitter) by allowing Cardano users to transfer CNTs from the Revuto app (wallet) directly into the game, gaining even more while playing. Also, with all earnings from playing the game, users can easily withdraw back to the Revuto wallet. The plan is also to allow users to stake those assets within the Revuto Staking Center and, later, to use them as a top-up source for Revuto Virtual Debit Cards so people can off-ramp those assets to FIAT and use funds to pay for their subscriptions, alter other things as well (by using Revuto Physical Debit Cards).

More about that specific integration and partnership in general will be shared in our next announcements, where we’ll go deeper into details about why playing the game (later Games) by the Battle Alliance Team is something you should be very excited about.

Revuto Rstronauts in the game

Lastly, the Revuto team decided to bring the partnership with the Battle Alliance team to the next level by supporting them in their plans to bring their token(s) to the crypto-market. We checked their token tokenomics, distribution, vesting plans, and whitepaper in general to confirm their sustainability and readiness for the market. We believe that they’re building a great ecosystem of Play-2-Earn games on Cardano, one of the best in the ecosystem, from which many users and their token holders should benefit.

Their token sale, token distribution, staking opportunities and even NFTs will be executed via the Revuto app, which should help both projects to take advantage from users coming from both ecosystems and, even more, users coming from partnering projects.

Stay tuned for more information about the Revuto and Battle Alliance partnership because you don’t want to miss the opportunity to be among the first to participate in their game and benefit from picking up their token in its very early stages. It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Your Revuto Team!

Download the Revuto app from the App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery and start earning today.

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