Revulution NFT Campaign Recap

6 min readOct 25, 2022

Dear Revutonians,

We’re sure that most of you have watched a movie that started with a dramatic scene, and then, a few moments later, jumped to a tranquil scene with a title reading: “3 months ago…” At that point, the movie backtracks and builds the story from the beginning. The story of Revuto NFTs is one that can be told in similar fashion.


A little more than a year after our sensational ICO closed, Revuto launched a unique campaign called Revulution NFTs on July 13th, 2022. This campaign features an innovative product — lifelong digital subscriptions to popular streaming services Netflix and Spotify.

The idea behind offering a unique NFT product originated from the fact that Revuto is a fintech product integrating with crypto to help people solve real-world problems and, ultimately, save them money. In that context, NFTs were particularly interesting to us because we wanted to show that NFTs as new technology do not necessarily have to be digital images to speculate with but, again, something that can bring owners a real use and value.

Our CEO Vex said at the time: “Based on the fact we have more than 360,000 registered users, we decided to present them a revolution in subscription payments — a solution that guarantees them a discount when subscribing to any service of their choice for any subscription period. Moreover, if they decide not to use the service while there’s a pre-paid subscription period left, the user can monetize the unused subscription period simply by selling the NFT to somebody else. The goal is to make the digital subscription market more fair and equitable”.

Additionally, once the product vision was clear, the team saw an opportunity to use Revulution NFTs to increase product awareness and acquire new customers. In that regard, a substantial amount of money was invested into marketing the Revulution NFT campaign both regionally and globally.

When asked what kind of interest we expect for the new product, our co-founder Josipa said: “Our main goal is to introduce people to the Revuto app, NFTs, and virtual debit cards, allowing them to subscribe to any subscription in the world and eventually monetize the unused subscription period that they paid for in advance because market research shows that 50% of the subscriptions they pre-paid people don’t use. Given the current sentiment around crypto-related products, it’s hard to predict how high the interest will be, so the goal is to sell at least some NFTs and onboard new users”.

Despite all the positives around the revolutionary NFT product, we were aware of the overall market downturn, the influence of the war in Ukraine, and its negative effect on the global economic and political situation, but despite that, we decided to move forward with a campaign that shows that even in bad times Revuto continues to build and deliver.

As trouble never sleeps and it tends to show up when you least need it, like before the launch of something big, there was a problem with the payment provider (gateway) integrated on our web page offering non-crypto savvy users the option to easily purchase NFTs with their debit/credit cards. Revuto pays special attention to choosing partners we plan to work with. We take pride in working only with the best service providers, and in this case, we did the same, but what we didn’t know was that many banks put restrictions on purchases of crypto-related products with cards they issue to their customers. The result of this was that the majority of users trying to purchase Revulution NFTs were not able to complete their purchases once the sale was launched. Also, we thought we’d solve the issue by switching to other payment providers, but later realized that all providers have the same issue. To counter the problem, we introduced sales via select NFT marketplaces and our app, but as the Revulution NFT marketing strategy was set up to address non-crypto users, that didn’t help much.


Did we expect to sell more NFTs? Of course! Honestly, we expected to sell many more, especially Card NFTs, which have a pretty affordable price and are introducing a unique product — a physical debit card supporting Cardano native tokens and Defi. Despite the sales results, the campaign fulfilled several goals. We continued announcing innovative products that helped raise awareness of Revuto, and although the numbers didn’t convert into sales, our PR campaign had a tremendous reach, which can be seen at

Revuto’s Revulution NFT campaign has been covered by top local media and several international publications and popular crypto/fintech news portals like Nasdaq, Cointelegraph, Cardano Feed, Investing cube, Finance feeds, Analytics insight, Cryptoflies, The News Crypto, and many more.

The idea of offering free Netflix or Spotify for life has caught the attention of much more than just the average crypto investor, which has been our primary target audience since our ICO, but unfortunately, the great reach didn’t convert into sales.

Learning from our experience with the Revulution NFT campaign, the team decided to readjust plans for launching other products until market conditions change for the better. In the next couple of days, the team will shut down sales of Revulution NFTs for “free Netflix and Spotify for life” which will help those who already purchased these NFTs to profit even more. As we explained before, Card NFTs will stay available for purchase until we sell them all because the deal with the card issuer to make and issue a total number of 2000 Metal Cards and 8000 Premium (plastic) Cards can’t be changed. To add more options on where and how to purchase available Revulution NFTs (check, recently we put a few NFTs for sale on, which is the biggest NFT marketplace on Cardano.

To conclude sales of Revulution NFTs for Netflix and Spotify, the team is (finally) releasing the Revulution NFT advertising video, which was ready for release before the Revulution NFT campaign started but was left aside due to poor market reaction. Still, we hope you’ll like our short cartoon video because it was made in-house with love by our marketing guru Zeljko Hudoletnjak. We’re confident that you’ll be hearing about Zeljko’s name many times in the future because Zeljko is working on other cool things for the crypto community in general, but we’ll continue talking about it once the time is right. That being said, we’re closing the doors to offering the “free Netflix and Spotify for life” NFT product, and we thank all customers who purchased them despite any and all negativity.

And now, enjoy the short story…in which nothing is random.

Your Revuto Team

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