Revuto at Consensus 2022

6 min readJun 24, 2022

Consensus 2022 has been hyped for a long time within the Cardano community as a place where we can come together to show that we are working hard building the future and dispel any kind of “ghostchain” narratives. So Revuto had to be there, of course! We sent our Cardano technical expert Filip Blagojević to represent us at the conference. Here is a recount of his experience.

The day before the conference, IOG organized a Cardano community event. Close to 1200 people attended this great atmosphere under the blazing hot Texas sun.

I had the pleasure of meeting, spending time and discussing Revuto with some of the largest projects and community builders in Cardano today. James Dunseith and Steve Lockhart from Gimbalabs (@gimbalabs) were great company throughout the day. Gimbalabs is a smart contract and Cardano infrastructure provider as well as a school for aspiring Cardano developers. I met YouTubers Rick McCracken (@CardanoLive) , BigPey (@bigpeyYT) and Kaizen Crypto (@KaizenCrypto) and we discussed potential guest appearances.

Rick McCracken and Filip

I also hung out with the SundaeSwap, MinSwap, and GeniusYield crews. We had long conversations about the future of financial services on Cardano and in general, as well as technical upgrades to all of our projects that are coming soon. We are participating in Vasil testnet dev calls, so we went through what Vasil hard fork means for us as a community.

We are soon going to release our Revulution NFTs and we discussed details of these NFTs and specifics of them with Patrick Tobler (@Padierfind), the CEO of the NMKR Studio platform. NMKR Studio is responsible for minting more than 20% of all NFTs created on Cardano.

Kyle Solomon from DripDropz, Patrick and Filip

A multitude of other projects participated as well: Cornucopias, Pavia, Claymates, WorldMobile, and more. The community showed up in impressive numbers with a lot of energy.

The Austin Convention Center was the place to be for the duration of the main conference. Cardano had a booth that was very well organized and maintained by IOG. All of the projects and the IOG team filled the booth quickly and it stayed full throughout the conference. Lace, an upcoming light wallet by IOG with the security of a full-node wallet, was presented. Between book signings and project demos, the booth always had something going on. The IOG crew really put their best foot forward and they did the job professionally while interacting with the community. I finally met some people I’ve been working with online for a while now, like Kriss Baird and Harris Warren. I met Johnny Nguyen, head of an upcoming Decentralized Consortium Fund, Tim Harrison, VP of Communications, and it was a huge pleasure to speak briefly with Phillip Wadler, a co-creator of the Haskell programming language. Ben O’Hanlon, Tamara Haasen, Eric Czuleger, Sebastian Nagel, and Matthew Capps are just some of the people in the amazing IOG crew that pushed the whole experience forward.

Harris Warren dressed as Logan the Lobster and Filip

Tim Harrison and Filip

Phillip Wadler and Filip

Charles was kind enough to take photos with everyone, and also spent hours at a booth where people could speak to him. We discussed Revuto and upcoming developments of Cardano as well as the wider space of blockchain, governance, and open-source development. He mentioned there are some big announcements coming in September and that we should all be on the lookout for that!

The conference had several speaking stages as well as dozens of different booths and projects. Several of our partners participated in the event, including Banxa and Chainlink. Around 17,000 participants attended the conference over 4 days and the atmosphere was always lively and friendly.

The day after Consensus ended, IOG organized a whole-day developer workshop with 3 different tracks: Marlowe track, Dapp meetup track, and Plutus track. The day was used for technical conversation, knowledge sharing, and mentoring. I had the pleasure of participating in the Plutus track led by Lars Brunjes, head of education at IOG and the creator of Plutus Pioneers Program. We had a challenge regarding the upcoming Vasil hard fork, which we explored as a group.

All in all, the conference was a big success for Revuto. We created new partnerships and presented ourselves to the wider crypto community. Cardano presented itself in a really good light as well, and we are proud to be a part of that group.

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