Revuto Conquers the UK Market

As you know, Revuto users criss-cross the globe — from Indonesia and Brazil to Japan and Russia. Although we’ve gotten used to drumming up interest in our platform on multiple continents, today we wanted to tell you about a specific campaign we’re currently conducting in the United Kingdom.

Why UK?

The UK is unquestionably an important market for us, not least since Brits collectively spend over £2 billion a year on subscription services! While it’s difficult to estimate what percentage of that figure is ‘wasted’ on subscriptions that have been forgotten about or under-utilized, we know from our own research that it’s not insignificant.

With this in mind, Revuto has taken to the air waves and to inform British consumers about what we have to offer: a user-friendly, crypto-powered solution that lets them take back control.

We are, of course, aware of the connotations of this particular slogan: it was heavily used by the Vote Leave campaign during the 2016 Brexit referendum. But we’re just stating facts — Revuto really does let you wrest back control, whether you want to Block, Snooze or Approve Spotify, Netflix, Patreon, or whatever the case may be. For the avoidance of doubt, Revuto is politically neutral!

Our ongoing radio campaign lets us connect with over 1.2 million British listeners each week, and we couldn’t be happier about partnering with Atlantis Radio and Cyber Hot Hits. Keep your ears out for our 30-second slot and do let us know what you think.

The radio campaign complements our ongoing activities on social media, including on Telegram where our primary English-speaking Discussion channel has almost 25,000 members. We’ve also upped the ante elsewhere, targeting the Great British public via two of their favorite national pastimes: cricket and rugby!

That’s right, Revuto has featured on video/LCD ads at national rugby and cricket matches up and down the country. Not only does this give us an opportunity to catch the eye of sports fans attending the events in question, but it enables us to reach millions watching at home on television.

Subscription Boxes Fuel Billion Pound Economy

A recent survey by Finder suggests that over 60% of British adults are subscribed to the Amazon Prime subscription service, with the average person spending around £60 on subscription services every year. As such, we don’t think we’re going out on a limb in saying Britain could be a great proving ground for a subscription management platform.

It’s not just Amazon Prime or Netflix. The popularization of glossy subscription boxes means that consumers are spending more on rolling subscriptions than ever before. Indeed, the subscription box market is expected to grow by 77% to be worth over £1 billion by next year. Subscription boxes include cosmetics, grooming products, candles, jewelry, coffee, stationary, crafts, health supplements, jams, alcohol, cigars, chocolate, clothing — just about anything you can think of.

The average price of such boxes is £14, and three years ago — before this market really took off — more than a quarter (27.4%) of Brits were subscribed to at least one.

Now, we’re not making a judgment on subscription boxes — on the contrary, we think many of them are awesome! But we know that every year, millions of people inadvertently subscribe to services after signing up for a free trial. We also know that many subscriptions get ‘lost’ in the maelstrom of direct debit payments that leave our accounts every month. There’s got to be a better way.

As the financial center of Europe, and particularly given its high buying power, the UK should be considered a subscription powerhouse. Hence our newly-launched marketing campaign. We’re looking forward to onboarding more Brits in the weeks and months to come, and it goes without saying that more campaigns are in the pipeline elsewhere. You’ll hear about them right here, so make sure you’re following along.

For us, this particular radio campaign represents an exciting new phase for Revuto. The mobile app is out in the wild and racking up downloads. KYC is in the process of being rolled out, enabling accounts to be verified. And our EBT1 investors have already claimed their NFTs. Now we’re actively exploring different ways of reaching the ‘man on the street.’

Of course, the work never stops — and we’re already gearing up for some major milestones in September, including the long-awaited listing of REVU on exchanges! Based on some of our recent social interactions, you’re as excited about this event as we are…

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