Revuto is Building An International Community

It’s not unusual for crypto projects to tout themselves as international entities. But how many can truly say that an army of geographically distributed followers support their vision?

Not to blow our own trumpet, but Revuto can. And we are grateful for the continued enthusiasm and encouragement of every one of them.

Why Revuto?

There are many factors that have conspired to help us grow such a large and loyal community, and in a relatively brief timeframe. The simplest being the popularity of our crypto-powered subscription management solution, one that enables consumers to Block, Snooze and Approve subscriptions.

Some users are also drawn to Revuto due to the value they recognize in our native governance/utility token (REVU), an asset integral to our burgeoning decentralized micro-lending and borrowing platform.

Whatever the reason for our appreciable ecosystem growth, we don’t take it for granted. And it’s particularly heartening to witness and hear about the ways in which community members seize the initiative to spread the word about Revuto at a local level. Such endeavors might seem modest, but they go a long way towards strengthening our user base.

Speaking of which, Telegram groups devoted to Revuto have been popping up all over the place. Just this week, we conducted a live AMA session in our official Turkish Telegram group before distributing a $700 USDT prize pool to three users deemed to have asked the best, most original questions.

Because we like to share the love, we promptly promoted the session to the official Revuto groups in Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Persia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Brazil (recently merged with Portugal), India and Germany. At present, the fastest-growing groups are Persian, India and Indonesia.

To have 7,632 people eagerly discussing Revuto in their native language puts a smile on our face and validates our ongoing expansion plans. Countries on our radar include Russia, France and Japan, all three of which boast fast-growing crypto communities.

Managing an International Community

As International Communities Manager, Dino has a role in ensuring the continued quality of our comms, whatever language you speak.

Revuto does not intend to stand still. Currently we are conducting an active campaign in our Italian Telegram group with a view towards increasing member numbers; prizes denominated in both REVU and USDT tokens are up for grabs. We also have plans to reward active members in various groups with Revuto T-shirts. Watch this space.

Aside from fun and games on Telegram, we’ve enjoyed dispensing 1,826 unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to our EBT1 investors in recent days, as well as watching users share their shiny new NFTs on Twitter and elsewhere. Though we’re new to the NFT space, our first drop seems to have gone down a storm. Keep sharing!

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