Revuto Launches a Non-Custodial Wallet to Deliver the best and safest native mobile experience to Cardano, awards ADA to all REVU token holders who participated in our Token Sale, to cover transaction fees


  • We’re launching a non-custodial wallet to deliver the best and safest native mobile experience to the REVU token holders
  • Our development team has worked closely with the creators of AdaLite to create and deliver the simplest and safest Cardano wallet — all within the Revuto app soon, available for iOS and Google Play.
  • Send tokens to other wallets in a simple, frictionless way — at a cost that is for the first transaction covered by Revuto!
  • Meet us at Dubai summits and Zagreb meetup!

Rewarding All REVU Token Sale Participants!

The Revuto wallet stays true to our mission to grow and nurture the burgeoning Cardano community. To that end, we are gifting 1.44 ADA to every single REVU token holder who participated in our Token Sale earlier this year!

Gearing up for Dubai Summits Next Week

After recent conference appearances in Zadar and Berlin, we’re currently gearing up for two big events in Dubai — first, the Global DeFi Investment Summit on October 11–12, then the World Blockchain Summit on October 12–14. At the latter, our co-founder Josipa will make a keynote speech relaying our plans to take DeFi by storm in the year ahead. Revuto is also one of the Main Sponsors of the events. You’ll also be able to meet us at the Wow Summit and Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai later next week.

Stay Tuned for Our First Ever Meetup in Zagreb

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