Revuto Staking is Live on iOS and Android!

5 min readJan 17, 2022

Last week, we told you about the amazing staking opportunities we’ll be offering with the introduction of Revuto Staking Center. With time, by adding various staking options (pools) to the Revuto Staking Center, the goal is to offer our token holders the opportunity to earn additional REVU while staking their REVU, especially until Revuto launches a full product with the subscription management and Revuto Virtual Debit Cards.

Since REVU staking officially became available on iOS and Android, and at the risk of retreading old ground, we’re gonna re-emphasize a couple of points while providing some additional information — including guidance for our Community Sale investors.

Stake for Breakfast

Staking is our first DeFi use-case for the REVU token, and as revealed in last week’s update, participating in our first staking pool will earn you a very Special NFT. By this point, you are almost certainly familiar with the lifetime passive income offering from Revuto, a percentage you can earn (6% from referred friend’s Cashback or Protection Fee) whenever your referred friend uses Revuto to pay for his subscription(s). Well, holding this brand-new Special NFT will double that percentage to 12%!

If you’re busy wondering how to get one of these percentage-boosting NFTs, there are several ways to do it.

1. Community Sale investors that did not claim their tokens up until now, or who received their claimed tokens after the 1st of January 2021 but didn’t spend or trade them, will be able to send back their REVU to Revuto wallet and stake their REVU until the 1st of May (only 3 more months) to qualify for the Special NFT. The deadline for this is 31st of January. In other words, Community Sale investors can’t qualify after this — only staking for six months will be available thereafter. CS investors who don’t have at least 2000 REVU will need to add additional REVU tokens to their Revuto wallet to be eligible to stake them.

2. If you’re a Community Sale investor (Option 1 applies to you) but also an EBT2 investor, you’ll be eligible to get one more Special NFT once your REVU tokens from EBT2 round unlock and you stake them. More about the staking opportunities for EBT2 investors will be announced in the upcoming days.

3. Any REVU token holder who stakes at least 2000 REVU in the Revuto Staking Centre for six months will get a Special NFT. Besides unlocking special rewards for the Special NFT owners, those NFT’s will be fully tradable on our forthcoming Revuto NFT platform. With time, Revuto may add more special features to Special NFT’s which their owners will be able to take advantage of.

The APR on staking REVU is 10%.

Calling All Community Sale Investors

If you’re a Revuto Token Sale investor and your REVU remains unclaimed, you’ll still be receiving APR but you won’t be eligible to get a Special NFT unless you stake your REVU in Staking Center.

For those who didn’t claim their REVU after January 1 but now decide to claim and stake their REVU, the starting date from which we count the six month-period to qualify for the Special NFT is the date from which their token claiming was possible (November 1, 2021.). In short, their six-month staking period to get a Special NFT will end on May 1, 2022. Still, to qualify for the Special NFT, the whole unclaimed amount of REVU bought through REVU Token Sale needs to be staked.

Lastly, there’s another important point worth noting when unstaking: for now, at any moment, users can unstake the whole amount only. If the user interrupts staking before the six-month period ends, he will lose all the accrued days to qualify for the Special NFT. When staking again, the sixth-month period will restart from zero (days).

This is just the first step in staking. Now we start with the first pool and you can expect amazing opportunities in the future!

For more information regarding earning, staking and NFTs, be sure to look back at our post from last week. And if you need further clarification on any point, feel free to send us a message on Twitter or Telegram. Our admins will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Your Revuto Team

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