Revuto’s Bi-Weekly Progress Report: 29.12.2022–11.01.2023

4 min readJan 11, 2023

Dear Revutonians,

It’s time for the second bi-weekly update from your Revuto Team. Once again, we wish you all the best in 2023. We prepared plenty of things for you this year, so let’s make this one better than the troublesome 2022. Some of the things we’ve been working on for the last two weeks are:

- fiat-to-crypto onramp integration with Banxa, which will be included in the next Revuto app update. We’re pushing things like hell, but we’re a bit late with the update because of additional legal requirements from Banxa. The feature will be out in the upcoming days.

- working on integration with Unstoppable domains. The launch was planned for the end of January, but we’ll see if that’s achievable with additional work required on the FIAT-to-crypto onramp.

- pushed the Cardano Summit 2022 in Lausanne recap right before NYE.

- finalizing a new roadmap and whitepaper. The updated versions will be released in the upcoming days.

- announced a partnership with Kubecoin (ADA to REVU swap) via Twitter Spaces

- released REVU tokens from the GENSX Staking Pool and distributed 100K GENS tokens to those who staked in the pool

- working on new staking options within the Revuto Staking Center (support for staking stablecoins and other CNTs)

- working on a partnership with Indigo protocol to support their iUSD stablecoin within the Revuto Staking Center

- did a workshop with Gens-X projects about setting up the token sale and what Revuto did wrong (admitting mistakes we made)

- agreed on the time for a special YouTube Live event where Marko Zubcic, Filip Blagojevic, and Filip Srdoc will join our CEO to discuss problems with DeFi, CeFi, TradeFi, RealFi, NFTs, Metaverse, regulation, and other usual crypto topics. The event will be interactive (everybody is invited to comment and/or ask questions) via Zoom and streamed live to YouTube.

- working on a blog post about the Year 2022 (recap)

Below you can read about our regular weekly development activities:

· working on the Revuto Custodial Wallet to support virtual debit cards, cash back, referral rewards, multi-chain assets, and NFTs

· working on compliance with the local regulator to launch the Revuto Custodial Wallet

· working on adding support for Premium users (staking REVU), bug fixes

· working on adding the first stablecoins on Cardano to the Revuto Wallet and Staking Center

· testing VDCs issued by Railsr on the frontend and backend for the UK and EU markets

· testing acquirer (Worldpay) on the frontend and backend, setting up ledger accounts with Railsr

· minor changes to the website, Terms & Conditions

· minor changes to the website (Gitbook), Terms & Conditions, and partnerships.

· paused integration with ADA Handle to offer a simple “buy option” directly from the Revuto App

· working on EURR, an over-collateralized Cardano native stablecoin pegged to EUR

Weekly Report - 29.12.2022. - 04.01.2023.


  • Implemented extra validation logic on Subscription due date change
  • Adjusted the Due notification payment preview dependency on iOS
  • Added loading modal preview on the Cards screen for better UX
  • Implemented Camera Permission request handling on the BANXA feature
  • Refactoring the Notification centre pagination on Android
  • Refactoring the Subscription type parameter logic on iOS
  • Adjusting the native Notification behavior for better UX
  • Analysing Staking centre logic for the upcoming pool type

Weekly Report - 05.01.2023. - 11.01.2023.


  • Designed a modal for the Notification delete restriction alert


  • Adjusted the Payment flow UI for devices with smaller resolution
  • Implemented the KYC verification logic on the VDC, adding flow
  • Adjusted the VDC API creation logic
  • Adjusting the Thousand and Decimal separators consistency through the App
  • Implementing the new CNT Staking centre
  • Refactoring the Notification centre pagination on Android
  • Refactoring the Subscription type parameter logic on iOS
  • Separating API calls for VDC creation and reading

Your Revuto Team

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