Revuto’s First ICO Anniversary in Numbers

11 min readMay 26, 2022

Products shipped. User base milestones crushed. And we’ve only just begun.

Revuto ICO: First Anniversary

This past year has been filled with many ups and downs in the world of crypto. It’s definitely been tough a lot more than it’s been easy. But that’s why we truly appreciate all of the supporters who have stayed with us through thick and thin; bull and bear.

It seems incredible, but a whole year has already passed since our historic ICO.

The first-ever ICO on Cardano sold out in minutes, smashing milestones in user base growth, CEX listings, the first-ever mobile DEX, and so much more.

Time truly flies when you’re working hard, capturing market share, and shipping new product features like Revuto does!

But now that we have brought it up, 365 days is a lot. And given the amount of work our team has squeezed in, we wanted to assemble a review of all of the metrics, milestones, features, partnerships, and team members that have been behind it.

1. Funds raised, users joined, and wallets created:

The historic first-ever Public ICO on Cardano has given us not only funds, but also a vast and growing user base.

  • 10M USD raised
  • 3M people waitlisted
  • 350K users
  • 60K wallets created

2. Mobile app available on iOS, Google Play, and Huawei AppGallery:

Stop subscriptions stealing money out of your pocket!

Our mobile app, initially launched in August 2021, is evolving and continuously getting better, faster, and more robust. Due to our global user base, we expanded our presence to include the Huawei AppGallery, added a non custodial wallet, and now has even announced the first mobile DEX ever.

The development team continues to crush our roadmap, delivering not only what was promised in the whitepaper but actually over-delivered, with more surprise features scheduled for H2 of this year.

We want to remind everyone that Revuto was the first to introduce the Cardano Lite wallet for mobile devices, and this is only the foundation for all other crypto-related features we’ll be adding to the ecosystem.

Our Staking Center gives investors the option to stake REVU and ADA to earn some amazing rewards…right from your mobile phone!

In June 2022, we’ll be introducing our Subscription Management service with a password sharing feature.

Our signature DEX and R token will follow in August.

Conclusion of our short but packed two-month roadmap will see the launch of both our custodial wallet and Virtual Debit Cards.

Check out some app specifics:

  • 29 production builds
  • 340 internal builds
  • 121,000 lines of code
  • 90 APIs

3. Aggregate community numbers:

One of the biggest and fastest-growing community on Cardano — Revuto — is best in expressed numbers: almost 1.5 million subscribers for our fantastic newsletter (If you’re not already a subscriber, make sure you go to and become one today!) that have received over 80 newsletter in the past 365 days. Combine this with our social media following and members of international groups and you get Revutonians — the biggest group on Cardano.

  • All social media followers combined: 114,669
  • Total number of newsletters: 80 newsletters
  • Total number of newsletter subscribers: 1.45 million subscribers
  • Number of members in international groups: ~16,200 members

4. Partnerships and staking pools:

If you haven’t downloaded our app and explored our Staking Center, you are missing out on the biggest yield opportunity on Cardano. A total of 8 staking pools with more than 34M REVU staked have been offered to investors. If you are interested in meeting our Biz Dev team, make sure you check out our conference plans and meet us face to face.

  • Number of staking pools: 8
  • Total number of staked tokens: over 34 million
  • Number of strategic partnerships: 22
  • Number of international conferences: 15

5. Industry Conferences:

During the year, Revuto attended several major industry-related conferences where the Revuto team was either presenting the Revuto project and/or sponsoring the event.

Sava Savić, Cardano Node Product Manager & Vedran Vukman, Revuto CEO

Some of the notable events Revuto was presenting at are:

World Blockchain Summit Dubai
Global Defi Investment Summit Dubai
Infobip Shift
Cardano Summit Zagreb
Cardano Summit Berlin
F2 Fintech
Bug Futureshow
LEAP Summit
Blockdown Croatia22
Tomorrow Conference
Bitconf, Sao Paulo

To see how many supporters Revuto has worldwide, check out this short video of Munir, a Revuto Ambassador and admin of our Brasilian-Portuguese Telegram group, in which he showcases Revuto at Bitconf in Sao Paulo.

Dino (Head of Business Development) and Andro (Head of Community Management)

Next conference:
Consensus 2022 by Coindesk

World Blockchain Summit, Dubai

Revuto is committed to being present and supporting the world of crypto, fintech, and innovation in general. That’s why both the company and individuals that represent it participate in events where we can show this active presence in the world of technology and focus on the future.

Josipa Majić presenting at the TMRW CONF in Belgrade, Serbia earlier this month

6. Support and responsiveness across various channels:

Nothing makes or breaks a good fintech and crypto product like customer support. This is why we are incredibly proud of our team that has solved more than 27,000 tickets with a 92% customer satisfaction score! Our support team is available across various channels and prides themselves in having 72.5% one-touch tickets.

  • First response time: 54 min
  • Full resolution time: 150 min
  • One-touch tickets: 72.5%
  • Customer Support Satisfaction score: 92%
  • Zendesk Support — answered a total of 16,037 tickets
  • A total of 27,580 conversations across all channels
  • — 7312 messages responded to
  • — 3070 messages responded to
  • — 269 messages responded to
  • — 892 messages responded to
  • Support Channel integrations:
  • Discord
  • Twitter DMs
  • Telegram
  • Google Play and App Store reviews
  • Website contact form
  • Website chat with chatbot
  • Help Center

7. Exchanges and traffic:

The first time a Cardano Native Token listed on a major CEX was a major accomplishment for us, and we broke the record in January by listing on two: KuCoin and

Our marketmaker SkyNet Trading continues to support us in maintaining a healthy volume at all times while the entire Revuto team focuses on long-term perspectives for delivering the most value to all token holders and customers.

We can also point out that our official ATH was on the first day of our listing, which was also the highest volume ever.

  • Number of CEXs where REVU is listed: 3
  • Number of REVU transactions: 116,303 transactions

8. Community updates and AMAs:

Vedran’s signature orange Weekly Update announcement

The crypto market never sleeps — nor do our founders, who have delivered 152 Medium blog posts, more than 30 AMAs, 18 Weekly Updates, and numerous YouTube updates and videos in our Tech Talks series. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel today!

  • 35 AMAs
  • Number of Medium blog posts: 152
  • YouTube uploads: 66
  • Tech Talks videos: 18
  • Weekly Progress Updates: 18

9. Social media, tweets, YouTube and Telegram:

Zagreb, Croatia

Before Elon buys Twitter, make sure you follow Revuto and our CEO Vedran! But in all seriousness, our admins have worked for more than 9000 hours and sent out more than 100,000 answers in our Telegram channels, and tweeted almost 10,000 times. If you want to be a part of the conversation, make sure you join our Telegram group today!

  • Number of tweets: 9,863
  • All social media followers combined: 114,669
  • YouTube views: 70,117
  • Number of international Telegram groups: 16 international groups
  • Number of messages in telegram during one year: over 370K
  • Number of answers: over 100K answers
  • Number of hours admins worked: over 9000 working hours of admins on the team in full 24/7 with the General Discussion group

10. Media mentions and press:

Revuto’s fame and reputation has reached media outlets like Forbes, Cointelegraph, Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider, and so much more! To be specific, over 100 media outlets in a matter of a year with news on our ICO, our investment pool called the R fund, our first ever and fastest growing Cardano wallet, our award for the fastest growing fintech solution, and more.

  • over 100 press and media coverage pieces in multiple languages and through a variety of markets

Plus we have been supported and mentioned directly by all of the top Cardano ecosystem leaders and builders like IOHK, Cardano Foundation, Cardano Feed, Cardano Daily, Cardano Feed, Cardano Live Podcast, and Learn Cardano.

13. Work Strategy:

One of the strongest parts of the Revuto project is its work setup. Although all team members work remotely, Revuto has an advantage over other crypto-projects in its relatively centralized team when talking about where the team members come from. In short, most of the team members are primarily based (living) in Zagreb, Croatia. This is something that helps in situations when the team needs to meet in-person to solve particular tasks and/or problems. In that regard, Revuto decided to use a setup in which the members of the development team have daily meetings scheduled with external partners, heads of department have weekly meetings with their team members, the whole team has office days, weekly CEO talks, and 48-hour team-building events taking place twice a year. Living relatively close to each other, the Revuto team has formed a strong bond with each other and is regularly meeting even beyond officially scheduled meetings.

To help everybody fundamentally understand the ecosystem on top of which we’re building the product, we even hosted a weekly Cardano School headed by our Cardano expert Filip Blagojevic.

In this video you can witness the atmosphere present during Office Day:

12. Team members:

Revuto’s biggest asset is our team.

The people who stay up all night to answer your Telegram messages even when they may be impolite or offensive, who pull 3 all-nighters in a row after our infrastructure gets stress tested by incredible demand each time we publish a new feature…

Still, there are some notable positions we need to emphasize.

RUX — the CTO

Although our CTO Marko Rukonić is usually shy and hard to get on stage, he recently received his 27th patent. If you haven’t checked it out already, please feel free to check out his patent on the System and method for dimensionality reduction of vendor co-occurrence observations for improved transaction categorization — very relevant for our long-term vision of managing recurring payments based on transaction classification!

You can also check out some presentations he gave at the F2 Future of Fintech conference:
- Application of AI in granting loans to small businesses using bank transactions
What happened to GameStop stock and how does short selling work?

VEX — the CEO

And then, of course, there’s our CEO, who often pops up on Telegram to answer your questions and responds to suggestions and ideas on Twitter. At the end of the day, we are all dedicating every spare moment to building this ecosystem and delivering value.

JOS — VP of External Communications and Strategy

When it comes to destroying the stage with her presence and eagerness to explain to the world what Revuto is, there’s our third co-founder, Josipa Majic. Josipa is that missing piece and a balance between the craziness and extrovertism of our CEO and introvertism of our deeply technical CTO.

Josipa Majić and Vedran Vukman

Thank you for all of your support so far! We are looking forward to many more ICO anniversaries and milestones. Onwards and upwards!

Your Revuto Team

  1. Vex (CEO)
  2. Jos (VP of Business Strategy & Communications)
  3. Rux (CTO)
  4. Dorijan J. (CTIO)
  5. Boris J. (COO)
  6. Igor K. (CSIO)
  7. Sanja Ž. (AML Officer)
  8. Goran Đ. (Senior backend developer)
  9. Marko Z. aka. Professor (Defi)
  10. Stefan V. (Defi Product Manager) — MVPW
  11. Žarko J. (Plutarch, Plutus SC & Haskell developer) — MVPW
  12. Aleksandar K. (Plutarch, Plutus SC & Haskell developer) — MVPW
  13. Vladan J. (Plutarch, Plutus SC & Haskell developer) — MVPW
  14. Luka F. (Frontend Product Manager) — Async Labs
  15. Emin E. (Senior frontend developer) — Async Labs
  16. David A. M. (Senior frontend developer) — Async Labs
  17. Vanja Žunić (Quality Assurance) — Async Labs
  18. Tereza Benčić (Quality Assurance) — Async Labs
  19. Danijel T. (Senior Frontend developer) — Shape/404
  20. Hrvoje B. (Senior Frontend developer) — Shape/404
  21. Mislav R. (Junior backend developer)
  22. Lucija U. (Junior backend developer
  23. Luka M. (Junior frontend developer)
  24. Sven S. (Junior frontend developer)
  25. Krunoslav G. (Product)
  26. Daniela L. (Head of Marketing)
  27. Zeljko H. (Marketing strategy)
  28. Andrea Š. (Design)
  29. Antonela J. (UIX/design) — Async Labs
  30. Dora Ć. (UIX/design) — Async Labs
  31. Dino I. (Business dev. & Partnerships)
  32. Filip B. (Cardano Specialist & R Fund Scout)
  33. Zvonimir M. (Intl. community Mng. & R Fund Scout)
  34. Marko K. (Head of Customer Support)
  35. Sanja S. (Customer Support)
  36. Tin B. (Customer Support)
  37. Ivana U. (Customer Support)
  38. Andro S. (Head of Community Management)
  39. Mario H. (Community Manager)
  40. Josip K. (Community Manager)
  41. Edin M. (Community Manager)
  42. Kristijan Glibo (Custodial wallet infrastructure) — Beyondi
  43. Tomislav H. (Custodial wallet infrastructure) — Beyondi


  1. Pedja P. (Investor Relationships)
  2. Petar V. (Investor Relationships)
  3. Dejan Lj. (Investor Relationships)
  4. Domagoj P. (Payments)
  5. Marko T.(ex. N26, Security & Compliance)
  6. Nikola G. (Cardano)
  7. Sanja R. (EU Grants) — Impuls Consulting
  8. Daniel F. (Business Strategy)
  9. Nemanja Z. (Legal) — Zunic Law
  10. Nikola V. (PR & Marketing) — 404
The photo was taken during one of our Office Day events. Since many of us are not from the same city or even country and pandemic measures still influence travel, it is a bit hard to gather us all in one picture.

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