Revuto’s New Referral Program Coming Soon!

We promised a new Referral program was on its way, and here it is: a system that is simpler, fairer, more transparent and generally more kick-ass than its predecessor. We’ve put a lot of work into designing the best referral program possible with the goal of maximising the number of new users who sign up — while rewarding the existing users who brought them to us.

We’ve baked in a number of provisions to the Revuto referral program that will enable you to earn rewards for the lifetime of the customers you send our way. This provides the opportunity to earn a passive income that will accrue over time, sending a steady stream of rewards your way in the form of REVU tokens.

With the Revuto app scheduled to launch on August 1, we figured we’d better delve into the finer points of how the new referral scheme works. Up until next week — Thursday July 22, 8 AM UTC, you can continue to use and benefit from the current referral program and earn up to 600 REVU tokens. When the Revuto app drops, though, the Revuto referral program v2 will commence.

What’s New With the Revuto Referral Program v2

As previously announced, our old Referral program will be sunsetted next week (Thursday July 22, 8 AM UTC). Now, when you log in to the Revuto app, you will be prompted to generate a new referral link.

This also means that only existing app users (early sign-ups and token sale investors) will be able to share referral codes and invite new users. The reward that can be earned for each successful referral will be reduced from 10 to 5 REVU. To qualify, the user who joins via your referral code should sign up for at least one subscription using Revuto.

When that occurs, 6% of the revenue generated by Revuto from that user will be directed your way. In addition, you’ll earn cashback on other purchases, such as when a referral signs up for Revuto Pro.

When the referred user signs up for the Revuto Pro version, which will cost €12, the referral link owner will earn 6% of that user’s cashback which is determined to be 4%.

For example, if the referred user signs up for the free version of the app, spends €100 every month on subscriptions, and pays 4% or €4 to Revuto for protection fees, the referral link owner will earn 6% of that (or €0.24 in this case) every month for that user and every other user they onboard to the platform.

If the finer points of referral rewards allocation are making your head spin, don’t sweat it. All you really need to know is that the more users you refer, the more you’ll earn! And while the rewards you receive may start out as a trickle, in time they have the potential to become a steady flow that fills your Revuto wallet with REVU tokens every month.

Subscriptions are eating the world and Revuto is aiming to capture a slice of the pie. If you share our belief that crypto-powered subscriptions are the shape of things to come, the Revuto referral program is your chance to earn rewards for being early and introducing your friends, family and followers.

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