Revuto’s Weekly Progress Report #20

  • Redesigned the selection modals on the Swap and Send screen
  • Adjusted Master password flow with error preview
  • Designed the R pool icon
  • Finishing the Navigation concept design
  • Working on a Dashboard Wallet redesign
  • Implemented a new condition for Continue button on Swap screen
  • Mapped the error list for better UX
  • Implemented the collateral flow
  • Sliced the Direct Matching screen
  • Connected the APIs for the direct matching flow
  • Fixed the DEX crashing issue
  • Implemented a new Continue button condition on the Swap screen
  • Mapped a new Error type for JS function
  • Fixed Limit Order UI by design
  • Refactored the Git repository
  • Improved the Swap confirmation UX
  • Added auto-reload function after Swap cancellation
  • Changed the Empty Order History Copies
  • Implemented validations on Swap input field
  • Fixed the Send flow issue
  • Backend testing the direct matching flow
  • Improving the Limit order UI for better UX
  • Fixing the Fee Calculation flow
  • Fixing Order History by reports from the QA team
  • Analyzing the issue on Wallet Dashboard
  • Preparing for the release of version 2.5.9 with a hotfix on iOS
  • Implemented AES credentials encryption
  • Redesigned the Subscription details screen
  • Sliced the Master password screens
  • Implemented the RSA encryption for safer communication between frontend and backend
  • Working on phone adding flow for user recognition

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