Revuto’s Weekly Progress Report #25

  • New additions to referral program and NFT sections
  • Organizing complete design system for future features
  • UX proposals for Payment flow optimizations
  • Wallet Dashboard screen rewritten and refactored
  • Staking Center refactored
  • Fixed TxHash API check
  • Fixed the decimal issues on Holding Overview
  • Implemented new NFT redeem flow
  • Implemented Referral code overview on the Referral program screen
  • Implemented Referral NFT section on the Referral overview screen
  • Webview optimization on iOS for better handling of send and stake flow
  • Fixed the issue with Wallet creation
  • Fixed the issue with Logout functionality
  • Complete rework of navigation flow for 3.0 on Android
  • Reorganizing mobile architecture
  • Slicing new menus and sections
  • Reconnecting APIs
  • Fixed issues with public and private key sharing
  • Optimized fetching address book for better subscriptions contacts/share handling
  • Connecting notifications

In case you missed:

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