Revuto’s Weekly Progress Report #26

  • Preparation of pool assets NFT campaign
  • Integrating flows for card payments and states
  • Preparation of NFT campaign NFT pools
  • Regression testing of new version 3.0 and wallet navigation
  • Updates and modifications in relation to Vasil fork testnet
  • Small UX optimizations on wallet dashboard with release of 2.5.12 (Android) and 2.5.11 (iOS)
  • New UI in wallet portfolio and round to two decimals
  • UI fixes on R menu navigation
  • Subscription details - Credentials section
  • Add Subscription flows
  • WITH master password & WITH adding credentials & WITH sharing
  • WITH master password & WITH adding credentials & WITHOUT sharing
  • WITH master password & WITHOUT adding credentials
  • WITHOUT master password
  • Share with friends flow
  • Skip Add Card screen
  • Add friend to subscription - slice
  • Add friend to subscription - implementation
  • UI fixes on subscription home screen
  • Fix additional string literals into string resources
  • Fix hardcoded strings into string resources on subscription-related screens

In case you missed:

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