Revuto’s Weekly Progress Report #27

  • Redesigned Wallet navigation
  • Adjusted Wallet Settings screen navigation concept
  • Made the Card adding flow design
  • Designing the Subscriptions Analytics concept
  • Working on Subscription Virtual Cards section preview dependency
  • Designing the Subscriptions History screen
  • Adjusted the CheckIn API with new data for improved analysis
  • Prepared and released version 2.5.13 on the Google and Huawei stores
  • Cleaned the Git repository after the release
  • Adjusted the Share with friends screen preview dependency
  • Fixed the issue with positioning on Share with friends screen
  • Refactored the Adding friends screen
  • Added extra logic for the Share with others initials preview
  • Fixed the revoke share issue
  • Fixing the issue with Spending password confirmation on iOS
  • Working on Master password flow refactoring
  • Adjusting the notification subscription type mapping
  • Analysing the SDK sentry issue
  • Working on a new Wallet navigation concept
  • Adjusting navigation on staking pools
  • Adding navigation to the Setting screen

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