Revuto’s Weekly Progress Report #28

3 min readAug 3, 2022

Dear Revutonians,

It’s Wednesday, and it’s time for a weekly update from your Revuto Team.

Here are some updates from the past week:

· held a YouTube AMA with our CEO to explain the latest activities and answer questions from the community.

· working on an announcement for Revucards and Revuto Card NFTs.

· working on a replacement for the payment gateway on the webpage to remove the KYC process for purchasing Revulution NFTs

· working on an R Token airdrop announcement and showing the results of REVU token snapshots for each user within the Revuto app

Regular development updates:

· working on the Revuto Custodial wallet to support virtual debit cards, cash back, referral rewards, multi-chain assets, and NFTs

· optimization of Revuto backend infrastructure and Cardano non-custodial mobile wallet

· optimization of Revuto staking pools, adding support for Premium users (staking REVU), bug fixes

· working on releasing up to 197 unique Rstronaut NFTs in early September

· testing VDCs issued by Railsr on the frontend and backend for the UK and EU markets.

· testing acquirer (Worldpay) on the frontend and backend, setting up ledger accounts with Railsr

· adding Fiat-to-Crypto Onramp service (Banxa) to the app

· working with the audit team (Certik) to provide them with the latest Revuto code

· minor changes to the website, Terms & Conditions

· minor changes to the website (Gitbook), Terms & Conditions, partnerships.

· working on legal docs required to launch the Revuto Custodial Wallet

· setting up R token airdrop within the app

· working with ADA Handle on a simple “buy option” directly from the Revuto App (postponed integration due to ADA Handle)


  • Finished the Subscription Virtual Cards section preview dependency
  • Adjusted some UIs for better UX
  • Fixed a bunch of minor UI issues reported by QA team
  • Designing the Subscriptions Analytics concept
  • Designing the Subscriptions History screen


  • Fixed the issue with Spending password confirmation on iOS
  • Adjusted notification subscription type mapping
  • Made new Wallet navigation concept
  • Adjusted navigation on staking pools
  • Added navigation to the Settings screen
  • Implemented new UI for push notifications
  • Fixed push notification issues
  • Adjusted KYC section preview dependency on the main navigation
  • Predefined the billing date field with today's date
  • Adjusted the encryption algorithm from iOS to Android
  • Adjusted the KYC flow from the Account settings screen to main navigation
  • Implemented the Edit credentials confirmation modal on Android
  • Fixed a bunch of minor UI issues reported by QA team
  • Adjusting the credentials encryption algorithm
  • Working on Master password flow refactoring
  • Fixing some minor mapping issues on Subscription details screen
  • Fixing the My Subscriptions refresh option after adding a subscription

Hope you’re having a good summer!

— Your Revuto Team

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