Revuto’s Weekly Progress Report #29

  • Adjusted the Shared with me Subscription preview for better UX
  • Redesigned the NFT section
  • Designed the new navigation concept for the release of app v3.1
  • Designing the Subscriptions Analytics concept
  • Designing the Subscriptions History screen
  • Working on the preview for R Token
  • Adjusted the credentials encryption algorithm
  • Fixed some minor mapping issues on the Subscription details screen
  • Fixed My Subscriptions refresh option after adding a subscription
  • Mapped the data on Edit subscriptions screen
  • Completed the native notification opening flow on Android
  • Made a bunch of minor copy changes for better UX
  • Fixed an issue with redirection in the staking centre
  • Predefined the billing_date parameter on adding subscription flow
  • Adjusted filtering on My Subscriptions ALL tab
  • Prepared and released version 3.0.0 on Android and Huawei
  • Hid navigation on the staking pool preview screen
  • Adjusted the refreshment functionality on the My Subscriptions screen
  • Implemented the pull to refresh feature on the My Subscriptions screen
  • Implementing a new magic code validation for higher security
  • Redesigning the notification centre
  • Slicing the UIs for notifications
  • Preparing for implementation of notification flows
  • Adjusting Wallet navigation on iOS
  • Working on Master password flow refactoring

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