Revuto’s Weekly Progress Report #33

3 min readSep 7, 2022


Dear Revutonians,

It’s Wednesday, and it’s time for the latest Weekly Update from your Revuto Team.

Below you can read about major updates from the past week:

· as one of the top 10 Cardano dApps, we informed IOHK that we’re fully ready for Vasil hard fork

· released app v.3.0.3 containing important updates and minor bug fixes for iOS devices

· refactoring the Staking Center to offer new staking opportunities

· released Rstrounaut NFTs on time in partnership with Battlealliance, one of the best NFT projects on Cardano

· working on EURR, an over-collateralized Cardano native stablecoin pegged to EUR

· released Tech Talks #24 about our Community Managers on our YoTtube channel

Other regular development activities:

· working on the Revuto Custodial wallet to support virtual debit cards, cash back, referral rewards, multi-chain assets, and NFTs

· working on compliance with the local regulator to launch the Revuto Custodial Wallet

· optimization of Revuto backend infrastructure and Cardano non-custodial mobile wallet

· optimization of Revuto staking pools, adding support for Premium users (staking REVU), bug fixes

· released 197 unique Rstronaut NFTs

· testing VDCs issued by Railsr on the frontend and backend for the UK and EU markets.

· testing acquirer (Worldpay) on the frontend and backend, setting up ledger accounts with Railsr

· working on adding a Fiat-to-Crypto Onramp service (Banxa) to the app

· minor changes to the website, Terms & Conditions

· minor changes to the website (Gitbook), Terms & Conditions, and partnerships.

· working with ADA Handle on a simple “buy option” directly from the Revuto App (postponed integration due to ADA Handle)


  • Designed screens for Not enough funds flow
  • Designed a payment source preview
  • Redesigned the searchbar on Subscription adding flow
  • Redesigned input fields on Custom subscription adding screen
  • Adjusted title adjustment for better UX
  • Designing new Onboarding screens
  • Designing loading button on Send screen


  • Adjusted My Subscriptions screen preview dependencies
  • Solved remaining minor notification issues
  • Adjusted the Share with friends screen for better UX
  • Prepared and released app version 3.0.1 on iOS
  • Adjusted amount input field for better UX
  • Wrapped the Edit subscriptions flow on iOS
  • Implemented new preview logic on My Subscriptions screen
  • Prepared and released app version 3.0.3 on iOS
  • Adjusted amount input field for better UX
  • Adjusted Add and Edit subscription flows
  • Improved the Wallet navigation concept
  • Implemented a new UI dependency on Share with others screen
  • Finished minor issues with number consistencies through the App
  • Prepared and released app version 3.1.1 on Android
  • Made a hotfix for data loading on Claim screen
  • Implemented new Loading screen on Wallet Dashboard
  • Prepared and released app version 3.0.4 on iOS
  • Implemented the new navigation on Android for version 4.0.0
  • Implementing the Analytics preview on iOS
  • Implementing a new Claim confirmation modal
  • Adjusting My Subscriptions topbar logic
  • Connecting the Add Card flow with the prepared UI
  • Implementing a new Prompt to enable and Shared with me notification preview

Your Revuto Team

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