Revuto’s Weekly Progress Report #34

  • Constant UI and UX optimisation proposals
  • Modal for approve payments option with various details
  • Phone, text, search fields propagation
  • Unifying the design system in Figma for faster design propagation
  • New Loading screen and button proposals
  • Unification of top navbar for main screens and inner screens
  • Released Subs Analytics, Rtoken preview and NFT with iOS v3.1.0
  • Implementation of HistoryFragment
  • Remove hardcoded elements for payment enabled param
  • Add new fields to User model for virtual cards, Fix home menu, Add KYC check on generate virtual card action
  • Generate virtual card MeaWallet revamp
  • Check KYC on add card flows, Adjust History flow, Add loading indicator to AddCard flow
  • Implement Subscriptions history data
  • Optimise AddCard flow , Add select payment card flow
  • Implementing Initiate Payment flow (WIP)
  • My Subscriptions screen spacings
  • Create subscription screen issues fixed
  • See more added to share with others UI
  • Rounded bottom sheet modals
  • Toolbar design on magic link screen
  • Shared subscription type fix
  • Toolbar text aligned
  • Scheduled release of v3.1.3 on Android

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