Revuto’s Weekly Progress Report #36

  • Adjusted Cards screen for better UX
  • Propagated the Subscription actions preview redesign
  • Designed new bottom sheet scroll preview
  • Designed flows for Physical card delete
  • Designing Expired card flow
  • Reviewing user feedback document
  • Sliced the notification UI for insufficient funds case
  • Sliced the Virtual card sections on the Subscription details screen
  • Implemented physical card adding flow
  • Prepared the error handling for meawallet
  • Implemented Card confirmation modal
  • Adjusted UI on History screen
  • Added validations on input fields on Adding custom subscriptions screen
  • Adjusted gradient background preview through the app
  • Implemented a skeleton loader on the Wallet Dashboard
  • Implemented Card adding flow on iOS
  • Finished the Cards screen UI
  • Added Subscription action dependency of VDC
  • Implemented the protection fee info modal on Due notification
  • Fixed Subscription status preview on My Subscriptions screen
  • Adjusted Edit Subscription logic
  • Implemented the bottom sheet scroll through the app
  • Adjusting the native phone Back navigation through the app
  • Wrapping the Remove card flow
  • Implementing the payment flow on iOS
  • Improving the UX on the Add Subscription screen
  • Adjusting enable logic for the Continue button through the app for better UX

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