Revuto’s Weekly Progress Update #2

Last week updates:

  • new backend developer (Goran) started working on integration with banking and card issuing provider
  • still hiring additional front-end (iOS and Android) developers (1+1)
  • signed agency to help us with the mobile app UIX
  • a new DevOps added to the Revuto team
  • started with the migration of the whole backend infrastructure (servers, nodes) to the cloud for easier scaling (load balancing)
  • new app update with new staking options for EBT2 investors in “Staking Center”, bug fixes, UIX improvements
  • updating Revuto app to work with the new Android SDK
  • working on the custodial wallet to support multichain assets
  • working on new “Staking Center” offerings that will be available within two weeks.
  • working on legal documentation for the custodial wallet integration
  • working with Banxa on integrating their SDK for Fiat2Crypto exchange within the Revuto app,
  • working with the audit team to provide the latest code
  • signed a 3-party agreement to allow sharing KYC data with Banxa
  • working on legal compliance with Card and Bank issuing partners (AML policies, fraud detection, transaction monitoring, insurance, KYC procedures…)
  • finalizing agreements for the next R-Fund investment. The second investment will be announced in mid-February. We’ll share more info about the investment in mid-February
  • integrating with Worldpay, an acquiring partner
  • announced the new website with Revuto brand (refreshed Logo) update
  • working with Async Labs on a “stealth product” integration (front-end) we’ll be adding to the app in April

In case you missed:

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