Revuto’s Weekly Progress Update #4

5 min readFeb 16, 2022

Dear Revutonians,

It’s been almost a full month since we started to update you about our weekly development tasks. Hope you like it. Now it’s time for our 4th weekly update.

Last week updates:

· with a new DevOps, migration of all backend infrastructure to the cloud including preps for the custodial wallet launch (bare metal servers, Intel)

· onboarding of new front-end developers (iOS and Android)

· updated Revuto app stores (photos and description) according to the new design delivered by the agency

· setting up Revuto backend infrastructure (servers, nodes) to the cloud for easier scaling (load balancing)

· a new app update submitted with minor bug fixes (wallet) and UIX improvements

· second app update with a new staking option which will be unlocked once Kucoin allows ADA/REVU withdrawals

· working on the custodial wallet to support multi-chain assets

· working on legal docs required from local regulator (HANFA) for the custodial wallet(s)

· Banxa approved integration of their Fiat2Crypto exchange within the Revuto app, KYC sharing approved, checking API documentation for the integration

· working with the audit team to provide them the latest Revuto code

· decoupling the KYC process from our Bank/Card Issuing Provider — done!

· legal compliance with Card/Bank issuing partners (AML policies, fraud detection, transaction monitoring, insurance, KYC procedures…) done for the EU. Working on the same for the UK and Germany (setting up Revuto legal entity in Germany).

· finalizing agreements for the next R-Fund investment. Soon, we’ll share more info about this next R Fund investment.

· integrating with Worldpay, an acquiring partner

· improving the new website, minor bug/design fixes

· working with a “stealth” partner and Async Labs on a “stealth Defi product”. We’ll add the product to the Revuto app in April

· working on becoming a part of the Cardano Defi Alliance

· signed a deal with prominent Cardano projects to expand our staking options in Revuto “Staking Center”. The announcement will be published within the next 1–2 weeks.

· decided not to go with 3rd CEX listing while crypto-market doesn’t recover

· onboarded 4 new students as backend developers to work on the project (internship)

· Customer Support team added a support for direct messages from Twitter to our Zendesk.

· submitted Revuto app to Huawei Gallery (store)

Just to explain how complex the product we’re developing is, below you can find specifics of the most recent dev updates:

✓Updated all the flows and combinations in figma in regards to basic and farming staking (final states for reference propagated through app design)
✓UI proposals (share icons, shares, paddings, and margins throughout app)
✓App Icons updated and formatted for all stores
≃ proposals and research in UX architecture (big step in re-organisaing layout and how we perceive the current Revuto wallet)BACKEND
✓Stake in poold_id=4 (farming) applying reward_date (NFT), remove this logic
✓Stake in basic pool does not apply "reward_token" field (farming pool is okay), this logic needs to be expanded to all pools ✓now to support new "IFOLOGY" in staking and rewards history
✓"is_stakeable_in_pool" API needs additional parameter "message" which will return a particular message why stake is not allowed (Currently - Pool Limit is reached. Unable to stake the requested amount. "Mobile (iOS/Android)
✓Updated algorithm and switch logic to support token_sale = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
✓Show farming pools with all new parameters ("revu_staking_max_revu", "pool_balance_max_revu", apply "/")
✓Show subscription period on farming pool, count days
✓Added info icon, opens hidden dialog with more info about pool
✓Added info icon in withdrawal, opens hidden dialog with more info about fee calculation
✓Connected show_revu_staking_total_v2 API to support multiple token rewards on staking pool overview
✓Connected new logic from show_revu_staking (fixed_farming_reward) to show SUNDAE in reward/claim card
✓Connected automatic_claim parameter to not show button when a pool_id (e.g. farming) has that as TRUE
✓Different lock message when stake is locked under automatic claim parameter
✓Apply all design state changes (colors, buttons)
✓If stake is in pending or claimed also remove button (previously disabled - no use per design directions)
✓Connect "is_stakeable_in_pool" API to check if user can stake desidred amount (pool full)
✓Connect "is_stakeable_in_pool" API on initial staking center load to check if user can stake or not
✓Adjust message "is_stakeable_in_pool" from when backend implements that parameter
✓Make flavors to support Huawei/Google stores (no Google services on Huawei)
✓Upgrade deep linking (issue opening passcode link from email and re-routing in the app)
✓Merge huaewi/deep-link fix branch with farm_update branch (rebase needed and test all together)
✓Connect "amount_is_integer" (from config) when inputing staking amount to determine if it should be integer or decimal (IF TRUE then integer ELSE decimal, also apply diferrent message in amount
✓App icon changed to new logoQA
✓Test and confirmed build 2.3.2 with new algo and config models on production (should not cause issues with switch to new ✓API-s on 2.4.0 — we can't add anything more at this point in the model)
✓Tested HUAWEI on production (Mario phone, new version Huawei OS), basic functionalities works good, no crash, no unexpected behaviour (need some REVU on production to test happy path)
✓Tested KYC flows (Vanja report)
✓Full testing session required for both platforms for Farming and staking (Planned Thursday/Friday) - DONE… issues reported were fixed parallel with testing
✓New test of KYC flow after updates by Tereza (some question asked in chat and findings reported to JIRA)Test will be avaialble for
iOS - 2.4.0 (6) - Testing Env
Android - 2.4.0_devGoogleRelease + 2.4.0_devHuaweiReleaseFinal flow to check is integer and icons and several UI/UX improvements reported on Friday test
Verify flow for receiving SUNDAE (or some other tokens) (probably next week… IS NOT blocker for 2.4.0)Status for release 2.4.0iOS/Android 2.4.0 will be prepared for review today (or latest tomorrow morning)Android 2.3.1 still "In review" from Sunday (06.02)…. it is current blocker for pushing 2.4.0. due to sync in actual release to the market as both platforms need to be released simultaneously as backend API needs to be pushed to production together with them. As soon as Android 2.3.1 is reviewed and approved … we push 2.4.0 on all stores (Apple/Google/Huawei)




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