Shining a Spotlight on Revuto’s Global Community

Although we are fiercely proud that Revuto was the first-ever token sale on Cardano, sometimes it’s good to look beyond that simple fact and shine a spotlight on the investors themselves.

After all, any project is only as valuable as its backers deem it to be. In our case, those supporters include a slew of leading blockchain VC firms as well as ordinary investors intrigued by our crypto-powered subscription solution.

A million of whom signed up during a frenzied two-week period. Not to mention the REVU fire sale which saw the entire token allocation sell out in four days (Private round, Early bird 1 — under 30 minutes, Early bird 2 in 18 minutes, and Community sale — 42 minutes!!!).

New Frontiers, New Horizons

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Revuto community is a global force, expanding like the universe itself as we reach new frontiers and horizons.

Amazingly, we have welcomed investors from 122 of the world’s 195 countries thus far, meaning we’re well on our way to having a presence in just about every pocket of the globe.

While it’s a nice feeling to know that the Revuto community is scattered far and wide, our ultimate aim is to deliver value just as widely. In every country, we want individuals to use and derive value from the Revuto mobile app in their everyday lives.

Investor numbers mean little if user numbers don’t multiply at an even quicker rate.

It is a little over a month since our global campaign commenced, and in that time we have organically achieved incredible results. Getting the message out there has truly been a team effort, and we’d like to pay tribute to our committed ambassadors who have been spreading the word — both virtually and IRL — about Revuto.

+22k Twitter followers

+19k Telegram General Discussion group members

+13k Telegram Official Announcements channel members

…plus 2.1 million individual sign-ups since May 3. If that doesn’t warrant a hurtling rocket emoji, we don’t know what does.

The Universal Appeal of Revuto

One of the most gratifying things to note about our recent successes is the fact that we’ve captured interest from people in far-flung and exotic locations.

Although we always knew that the ability to manage subscriptions, earn cashback and referral rewards, and obtain stablecoin loans would have universal appeal, it’s nevertheless gratifying to see this vision wholeheartedly endorsed.

In some remote countries, a solitary investor recognized the value of Revuto and pledged their capital. It’s human nature to wonder about the forces of the universe that came into play to bring that lone individual into our orbit.

Among others, we have been proud to welcome investment from islands such as St Kitts and Nevis, Réunion, and Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the Maldives archipelago. We have even received investment from the frozen wastes of Antarctica!

Incidentally, you can learn more about our registered REVU investors (by countries) right here:

Needless to say, it’s full steam ahead for Revuto as we fine-tune a platform capable of delivering the goods for over 2 million users (and counting). Keep an eye out for our upcoming Revuto app on iOS and Android, and don’t forget to share the love on socials. This train is gathering steam…

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