Stake REVU to earn MAU!

4 min readApr 15, 2024


Let the Staking Resume

Revuto is very excited to announce the launch of its next staking pool. It’s time to get ready to stake $REVU and earn $MAU.

With the relaunch of the Revuto Staking Center last week, we see how important it is for REVU holders to have more staking opportunities to earn on their investment and be introduced to more amazing projects within the Cardano ecosystem and beyond.

Enter Battle Alliance

Battle Alliance is an NFT alliance minted on the Cardano blockchain. Hosted by the BattleCats team, the alliance has produced a multi-player turn-based strategy game with NFTs implementation. Their story began back in 2021, when the first BattleCats NFTs were released on Cardano. They’ve since had over a dozen NFT releases, both for their own project and more other companies and projects.

Revuto’s partnership with Battle Alliance dates back to 2022. They are the ones responsible for creating our Rstronaut NFTs, and we think that they really turned out great.

Rstronaut NFT

Our collaboration with Battle Alliance continues, and starting on April 15, 2024, you can stake REVU tokens in the Revuto app’s Staking Center and earn MAU tokens from Battle Alliance as a reward.


This freshest staking opportunity from Revuto comes with an amazing APR of 50%! This APR is based on the current price of REVU, the total number of REVU staked in the pool, and the total number of MAU, and will represent at least 50% APR.

MAU tokens earned will be distributed to REVU stakers after MAU token’s ICO. This is scheduled for Q3 2024 and will align with the release of their second game, Synth City.

As the ICO nears, you can collect PAWS tokens in the Battle Alliance game and then convert them into MAU when the time comes.

Be sure to follow Battle Alliance for all of their latest updates.

Staking Specs

Subscription period: from 15th of April to 22nd of April (midnight UTC)
Lockup period: 90 days
Minimum amount to stake: 3,000 REVU
Maximum amount to stake: 250,000 REVU
Total pool value: 2,000,000 REVU

Battle Pass: Revuto Edition

The MAU Staking Pool is not the only great new thing coming for Revuto thanks to Battle Alliance. Battle Pass:Revuto edition is limited to just 500 exclusive NFTs.

You can play to earn extra airdrops and win free lands in the upcoming Synth City game and other titles that are on the horizon.

Activate 3x more in-game token earnings with your Battle Pass NFT.

Claim 200k in-game tokens (Paws) as a Battle Pass owner.

Utilize them strategically against other players, upgrade your tanks, enjoy the game, and convert them to MAU tokens.

Stake MAU to earn additional tokens.

Get WListed for upcoming game releases and other exclusive benefits as a Battle Pass holder.

Investing in this game is not just supporting a single title but an entire gaming ecosystem. Battle Alliance has developed and continues to develop a plethora of entertaining games, which means that MAU tokens can be used across multiple titles. It’s a promising token that can be seen to have even more potential moving forward.

Their main goal is to make gaming retro fun — exciting, rewarding, and easy to play. They also aim to revive old-school gaming nostalgia while integrating blockchain technology.

Stronger Together

Revuto takes pride in forging partnerships with promising projects where we see great success and potential. Battle Alliance is a partnership that we value and one that we hope the Revutonian community can use to its advantage with the new MAU Staking Pool, Battle Pass, and more. Do stay tuned.

Your Revuto Team

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