The Future of Revuto’s power app!

6 min readJul 4, 2024


  1. The Catalyst Fund12

Dear Revutonians, as most of you are already aware, Revuto applied for the Fund 12 on IdeaCatalyst. The aim of the Catalyst is to help projects that are built on Cardano. This is the first application ever for the Catalyst by Revuto.
Revuto aims to launch the long expected core feature — Subscription management with the VDCs that will be topped with Revu and other CNTs.

Now, we are calling everyone to cast a vote for Revuto and to invite their friends to do it as well — let’s launch the VDCs!
The easiest way to vote would be to type “Vedran” in the search bar within the voting app to locate our proposal and vote for it.

Many users have asked for the details on how to vote on Catalyst, so we are sharing all the needed steps in our Medium blog post.

2. Buying $REVU with cash in seconds is now possible

Buying crypto assets with cash is not easy; Revuto can change that.

Recently, we announced that our partner is all set for the launch terminal for buying and selling of crypto ($REVU) with cash in seconds using the Revuto app in June at 200 locations in Spain.

Now, we are happy to announce the first two terminals for testing are up and running in Spain. Those achieved trading volume of several thousand euros in the first two days of launch.

We have marketing campaign for terminals ready to be launched when our partner releases terminals at 200 locations in Spain. Check the flow!

You’ll be able to learn more about that soon.

3. Revuto update for the subscription management is coming soon!

Revuto is approaching version 4 — update for the subscription management, boasting a suite of innovative features that the Vex and team have been rigorously testing over the past month.

The most notable addition is the Pro Accounts feature, which promises to deliver powerful upgrades for Revuto Pro users, sparking excitement within the people.

In the commitment to regulatory compliance, Revuto has fully aligned KYC process with MiCA standards and is prepared to meet DORA regulations by January. With an EMI license already in place, we are on track to secure VASP certification across the EU and plan to pursue FCA compliance in the UK as well.

Aligning with new partners Linkcy and Paynovate, Revuto has revised the terms of use to meet updated regulatory requirements. The Linkcy team is fully dedicated to supporting us within the EEA and UK for the start, with Mastercard and then we’ll look at what will be the next region to go live.

Revuto aims to simplify the onboarding process, ensuring a seamless experience for new users.

This July, a select group of beta testers will get exclusive access to the new app, paving the way for a public launch targeted for Q3, specifically in September.

Meanwhile, Revuto is in the final stages of strategizing the go-live campaign with marketing agencies, working to build anticipation and buzz for the release.

4. Revuto has complete in-house development team!

We are thrilled to announce that Revuto has officially established a complete in-house development team!

This significant milestone propels us into a new era, with a strong focus on technological innovation and seamless collaboration. Our 10 seasoned developers now work exclusively under one roof, eliminating the need for external agencies and enhancing our efficiency and cohesion.

This transformative shift has been made possible by an incredible individual — an investor and a visionary leader — who spearheads our tech division.

We can’t wait to introduce him and the rest of our development team to you during our Live YouTube AMAs, which will resume in early September.

5. The Swap feature in the Revuto wallet will go live in just a few days!

In addition, we have integrated a custodial wallet into the app, aiming to offer the top 15 CMC tokens within a single Revuto wallet.

This seamless connection between custodial and non-custodial functionalities allows us to know the deposit addresses of assets and facilitates unique swaps between assets like SOL and CNT tokens such as REVU/SNEK/WMT.

This groundbreaking functionality is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Users will be incentivized to use the Swap feature in our non-custodial wallet by receiving R tokens as compensation for network (exchange) fees.

Revenues generated from these fees will be used to buy back R tokens and gradually burn them based on trading volumes.

With this launch, we’ll also be updating the Revudex paper to reflect the new R token economy.

Stay tuned for a comprehensive explanation and outline of these utilities upon launch. More exciting updates are coming your way!

6. Extra features mentioned in the last AMA

What you can expect in the Revuto power app is an entire ecosystem of products:

  1. VDCs + subscription management,
  2. E-vouchers to unlock crypto from cash and vice versa,
  3. Non-custodial and custodial wallets supporting cross-chain swaps,
  4. A completely new Staking Center supporting CNTs, top 15 crypto, and partnering projects
  5. Completely new cool product in partnership with a local crypto company.

Additionally, integration with Banxa will improve significantly once we release the custodial wallet, allowing users to instantly purchase all supported coins.

That is just the start. The subscription management part will be followed up with releases of Stake to Subscribe, Buy Now, Pay Later (micro-lending and borrowing), and Monetize unused subscription periods (Subscription NFTs). This part will be incredible and all is planned for 2025.

We’ll also add a feature to the app that allows users to pay invoices with crypto. You enter the invoice details (upload the invoice), and the app will calculate the amount in crypto you need to send from the custodial wallet to pay it. This service will be 24/7. So yes, paying invoices with crypto will come to Revuto. I believe many users will adore this feature.

A BONUS: After the voting is done, we’ll make major PR announcements on crypto news outlets and web portals about the app and some other things (which will amaze you). But we need to be silent for now :)

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