The Revuto Staking Center is Bringing you Farming Options: Stake REVU to Earn Other Cardano Native Tokens

8 min readFeb 18, 2022

REVU tokens — your ticket to farm other Cardano Native Tokens

As one of the biggest builders on Cardano, Revuto is always monitoring and analysing the development of projects within the Cardano ecosystem.

Since Revuto is regularly exploring new ideas to provide additional benefits for REVU holders, we have determined that one way we can support Cardano projects and bring value to REVU token-holders at the same time is by creating farming pools that give users the opportunity to earn promising Cardano-native assets by staking REVU tokens.

Revuto is also signing new partnerships that will bring you even more farming pools and additional exposure for Revuto in other Cardano communities in the near future.

REVU: The goose that lays the golden eggs

As a member of the Revuto community, you will be among the first ones who will be able to earn gem-potential Cardano tokens by staking REVU tokens in the Revuto app.

And that’s not all, because token-holders will also be able, in the near future, to stake REVU in order to farm (earn) various tokens from our R Fund. Basically, you will get to earn the most popular and brand-new Cardano-native tokens for free. Not a bad deal, right?

For all the benefits of REVU that have already been described in our previous posts, the ability of REVU to save you money when paying your subscription fees, its status as a governance token, and the fact that cashback and referral rewards are paid in REVU, we can say that this one is particularly notable. Think of REVU as the goose that lays the golden eggs, and your exclusive ticket to farm promising Cardano-native tokens.

Earn Cardano-native tokens while holding and staking REVU

Naturally, we are committed to offer you one of the highest APRs for farming other Cardano-native tokens to incentivise participation in our pools. So without further ado, let’s talk about one of them, shall we?

We could not be happier to announce the REVU/SUNDAE farming pool, which gives users the chance to stake REVU in order to earn SUNDAE, the governance token of the first and most popular decentralised exchange on Cardano’s mainnet, SundaeSwap. As a pioneer project on Cardano with a large base of community members, we thought it made sense to promote the first decentralised exchange (DEX) with automated market maker (AMM) protocol. Not only is it good for Revuto and SundaeSwap, but it’s also great for the overall Cardano ecosystem.

Needless to say, we are keen to hear about other Cardano-native tokens you’d like to see in our staking pools moving forward. Which tokens would you like to earn through REVU staking? Let us know via Telegram, Twitter, Discord, or any of our other social media channels. Let’s get a conversation going as you share your thoughts with us.

Revuto App — DeFi on mobile phone

Since the number of mobile users in crypto is constantly growing, we want to make all DeFi options more efficient and easy to use. As the first Cardano DeFi project that is primarily mobile-oriented, Revuto’s focus is delivering all DeFi products directly to your smartphone.

As you already know, Revuto recently introduced a Staking Center within its mobile app, and users can now stake REVU and earn special NFTs as a bonus along with APR from staking. Farming pools are a natural evolution of that model: NFTs are awesome but DeFi tokens are manna from heaven for serious crypto investors.

You are probably familiar with the ISPO fundraising method whereby you can delegate ADA to receive other CNT; but generally speaking, the APR is quite low. We’re going in the other direction, providing one of the highest APRs you’ll find in the Cardano ecosystem. The best part is that it will all be available on your iOS or Android phone with just a single click.

REVU-SUNDAE Staking pool details

• Staking Pool Hard Cap: 2,500,000 REVU (first-come, first-served)

• Maximum staking amount per user: 100k REVU, (minimum 2k REVU)

• Subscription period: 7 days

• Staking period: 90 days

The subscription period for our fixed farming pool starts this Friday, 18.02.2022 at 11:00 UTC and will last 7 days until 25.02.2022 at 11:00 UTC. In that period investors will be able to stake a minimum of 2k REVU and maximum of 100k REVU in only one transaction. Meaning that you cannot stake more than one time. No multiple transactions per user. One user = one transaction. The staking period will start on 26.02.2022 at 11:00 UTC and will last for 90 days. On the starting day, the APR will be 20%, which can change later on based on the price volatility of both tokens (REVU and SUNDAE) during this 90 day period.

Note: To be able to send out REVU in the staking pool, you’ll need to have a sufficient amount of 1.7 ADA for the transaction fee. 1.44 ADA is the minimum amount needed due to Cardano’s UTXO setup + 0.18 ADA for the transaction fee. You will receive your 1.44 ADA back after your REVU tokens return from the staking pool to your wallet. This setup doesn’t have anything to do with the Revuto wallet but with existing Cardano blockchain UTXO requirements.

Once you pledge your tokens to the farming pool, they are locked for a period of 90 days. During that time frame, you cannot withdraw your tokens and you can’t harvest rewards until the lock-up period ends. One more important caveat to highlight is that in case we fill up the pool and reach Hard Cap in the first 24h, the pool will promptly be locked and no more tokens can be added. Please note that users will not receive APR during the subscription period.

APR explained

It is important to reiterate that the aforementioned APR of 20% during this 90-day period depends on the price volatility of both tokens, namely REVU and the asset dispensed as a farming reward. Although the amount of earned SUNDAE tokens is fixed and based only on the amount of REVU tokens you initially staked in the pool, the APR requires a different calculation and correlates with the price volatility of both assets.

Let’s take one example where a user stakes the maximum 100k REVU and at the launch of the staking pool the price of REVU is $0.12, meaning that his initial stake will be worth $12,000. At the same time, let’s say that the price of the SUNDAE token will be $0.70. Stated 20% APR would mean that the user will farm $2,400 worth of SUNDAE tokens through the year. Based on the 90-day staking period, the user will receive 845.40 SUNDAE tokens worth $591.78 (845.40 x 0.70).

Regardless of the price volatility during this 90-day period, the user will still get his 845.40 SUNDAE tokens; the only thing that can change is the USD value of the earned SUNDAE tokens.

Let’s consider a few more potential examples…

Example 1:

The REVU price stays unchanged while the SUNDAE token increases in value, thus the initially stated 20% APR will increase based on the new price of SUNDAE tokens. While the value of the initial stake remains the same ($12,000), the rewards you will receive are actually rising in value based on the new price of the SUNDAE token.

Example 2:

While the price of REVU remains the same, SUNDAE tokens decrease in value based on USD, and thus the initially stated 20% APR will decrease based on the price of SUNDAE. The value of the initial stake remains the same ($12,000) but although the amount of SUNDAE tokens you receive will remain unchanged, their USD value will be lower.

Example 3:

While REVU decreases in price and the SUNDAE token price stays unchanged (or increases) based on USD, the initially stated 20% APR will also increase based on the lower value of your initial stake if the SUNDAE token rewards value remains unchanged (or increases). That means that the APR will become greater than 20%.

Example 4:

Lastly, if REVU increases in price and the SUNDAE token decreases (or stays unchanged) based on USD, the initially stated 20% APR will decrease based on the new price of REVU. The value of the initial stake will increase and the SUNDAE token rewards value will remain unchanged. That means that the APR will become lower than 20%.

We recommend rereading the above examples a few times. Doing so will cement your understanding of the impact of price fluctuations on staking rewards. If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to clarify!

It is enormously gratifying to be able to introduce yet another use case for REVU, while at the same time promoting a heavyweight of Cardano’s expanding DeFi ecosystem. And the best part is that we’re only just getting started.

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