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4 min readApr 8, 2024


Dear Revutonians, the moment has come. Revuto v4 is in final preparations for release, and we’re happy to announce that some of you will be able to test it before we go live with it. We said many times before that our community, project supporters, and REVU token holders are the most important part of our journey. Without them, we wouldn’t be here today. Today, we ask you to join us in testing the most anticipated Revuto app so far: v4 — introducing the Debit Card Program!

Revuto v4

Revuto app update v4 is the most important update for the Revuto project so far. Besides introducing the Debit Card Program, which supports crypto and, more importantly, top-ups with Cardano Native Tokens, the app release will transform the project into a completely different animal. So far, the project has been funded from ICO funds, spending money on R&D, marketing, and the REVU token (market-making, listing on exchanges, etc.). Basically, the project was in the pre-revenue stage, meaning we didn’t start earning money. For any project, the sustainability of the core business model is crucial for long-term success, and, in that regard, v4 will bring the biggest change. Revuto will start offering the Revuto Pro version of the app, granting its users (subscribers, SaaS model) access to premium features. Additionally, introducing a premium business model will kickstart the REVU token economy because, finally, many freemium Revuto users will have the option to use REVU to unlock (access) premium features.

On top of the premium account, having a core feature live (Virtual Debit Cards supporting crypto for subscription payments), Revuto will be able to introduce further features that are tailor-made to help people actively manage their subscription payments, get protection from unwanted charges, free-trial-traps, privacy, an option to “Stake to Subscribe” to save money when paying their subscriptions, borrow money to pay on the due date even if they don’t have their own funds and monetize unused subscription periods by prepaying subscriptions with Subscription NFTs. In all the above, REVU tokens will play an important role because the user will need REVU to either access those features or use crypto with it. Of course, on top of everything, the core utility for REVU will always be connected to paying subscriptions with REVU because, in the beginning, REVU will serve as the main cryptocurrency for topping up Virtual Debit Cards people will use for paying for their subscriptions.

Apply for V4 Beta Testing

To test such a big product update and not allow 150k eligible users to access the app without proof testing it (fix the bugs and cover all the edge cases we didn’t anticipate) on a larger scale, today we’re inviting you to join us in limited Public Beta Testing. For that purpose, we decided to allow up to 300 selected users to join us in testing the v4 on a larger scale. We’ll grant early access to the v4 app (sometime in May 2024) to 250 users who apply for the beta testing. Still, there will be a selection process about how to access the v4 early. 200 users will be selected according to their REVU token TVL with the Revuto Staking Center, ICO purchase, and the Revuto Referral program activity. Not to disqualify all other users that may have fewer tokens staked, we decided to select 50 more users via public lottery. Also, all Revuto Ordinal owners (shareholders) will get access to v4 Beta Testing.

The application will be open until April 15th (next Monday), and the results will be announced by Friday that week.

IMPORTANT: Only eligible users for the Debit card Program (UK + EEA citizens) will be considered for Beta Testing. Later, the plan is to spread the service to other regions, but because of compliance and service provider licenses, the Debit Card Program will be available in the UK and EEA countries only.

APPLY AT: https://revuto.me/betatestme

Thank you for your cooperation, and see you in May, when we’ll ask you to provide your feedback on the latest and most anticipated Revuto product. For everybody else, the Public v4 launch is planned for June 2024, so stay tuned for more information about it.

Your Revuto Team

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