What Makes the REVU Token Tick

At Revuto, we’re shaking up the subscription market, helping users to ensure they only pay for what they use by leveraging crypto debit cards, stablecoins, and the benefits of decentralized finance.

The Revuto dApp, built using Cardano’s scalable architecture, delivers a single dashboard to control and manage online subscriptions, recurring payments, and DeFi micro-loans; powered by the native REVU token.

But what makes REVU so special?

Built for Utility and Governance

The principle utility for REVU holders comes from saving money on subscription charges compared to using fiat and accessing Revuto’s decentralized micro-lending and borrowing platform by posting REVU tokens as collateral.

Subscription and recurring payments on the platform are made using Revuto virtual debit cards that support REVU tokens and Cardano-native stablecoins, with cashback and referral rewards paid in REVU for enabled subscriptions. By connecting payments with crypto, users gradually unlock more REVU features.

Unlike DeFi platforms such as Aave and Compound where micro-loans aren’t feasible due to fees, Revuto opens up the potential of micro-borrowing by using REVU tokens as collateral in return for Cardano-native stablecoins. This means users can retain exposure to REVU while also accessing cash for subscription payments when required, among other use cases.

REVU also serves as a governance token for the Revuto ecosystem, incentivizing holders to stake REVU to earn platform revenue sharing rewards and acquire voting rights to decide on the future direction of the protocol.

Revuto is therefore designed to incentivize sustainable demand for REVU tokens and provide flexibility for users in managing their subscription payments.

REVU Token Distribution

The total supply of tokens is hard-capped to 280,125,000 REVU. To ensure a fair launch the distribution of tokens has been planned to be decentralized and efficient.

Tokens will be distributed to as many Revuto users as possible, with token holders growing proportionally to market capitalization, ensuring the largest token holders do not hold a significant share of total supply, with limited price discrepancies in acquiring the tokens.

Priority will be given, however, to users most willing to contribute to the project’s success, drawn from a variety of backgrounds including investors, early supporters, small token holders, and speculators.

Of the total supply of REVU, 6% were allocated to private token sales, 26% for public token sales, 15% for the Revuto team, and the remaining 53% to be released in phases over 39 months to bootstrap the platform and cover liquidity, cashback, referral, and staking rewards.

To help generate healthy growth of the ecosystem, Revuto will also periodically buy back REVU tokens using 40% of protocol fees. Depending on market conditions, REVU tokens will be burned or held in reserve to cover future rewards and siphon value back to token holders.

REVU Token Sale

Set for May 18, the REVU token sale is the first ever to take place on the Cardano blockchain. Two initial early bird rounds will offer 11% of the total supply and run until May 21. A further community sale consisting of 15% of the total supply will then commence on May 22 for 8 days.

The initial early bird round will be available at €0.085 per token, the same price as the private sale, with the second early bird round and final community sale increasing to €0.09 and €0.10, respectively. The community round will have the shortest vesting period of 3 months, whereas the early bird rounds will require 6–12 months, the private round 12 months, and team allocation the longest at 18 months, each released over a further 3 months post vesting period, fulfilling the aims set out for a fair launch.

Following the token sale, the first phase of REVU tokens will be released for trading in the Revuto dApp. Initially, the only trading pair liquidity will be for REVU/ADA, with more trading pairs made available following exchange partnerships, though the European CEX Electrocoin is already on board.

Using the Revuto ERC20 converter, wrapped REVU tokens (wREVU) will also be introduced on the Ethereum network to allow tokens to be traded on established decentralized exchanges like Uniswap. As the Cardano DEXs then come online, you can expect to find REVU tokens there too.

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