While the Market Crabs, Revuto Keeps Advancing

How to describe the crypto market right now? In a word, “sideways.” As traders try to figure out whether we’re bull or bear, up or down, bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market continue to edge sideways. Every time BTC attempts a move up, it is rejected, before returning to the same old support levels.

How long will this state of affairs continue? The truth is, no one knows — even the best analysts are split as to what happens next, with short-term events ranging from the unlocking of GBTC to fluctuating exchange reserve levels being scrutinized like tea leaves that might assuage what’s to come.

On-chain data indicates that the net transfer volume on exchanges has hit a five-year low, which means there is less selling pressure on exchanges. Accumulation is taking place, with the short-term drop that began in May largely driven by leverage (borrowed money). Most of the weak hands have been shaken out while hodlers hodl and whales accumulate.

While the market continues to crab, here at Revuto, we’re focused on building. Our team has many talents, but we’re not market analysts, and it’s not our job to predict the trajectory of bitcoin and other assets. What we can say for certain is that crypto is here to stay and that the projects building today’s blockchain-powered solutions will change tomorrow’s world.

Why the Revuto Community Is Sitting Comfortably

These are good times to be a REVU token-holder. As part of one of the largest crypto communities, whose token is yet to be unlocked, you’re largely devolved from day-to-day price concerns. While the market dances to the tune of bulls and bears, as they fight out their interminable battle for chart supremacy, it’s business as usual at Revuto HQ.

Work on our crypto-powered subscription app is continuing apace, with new deliverables being shipped every week and milestones met. With every passing day, we’re inching closer to realising our vision of a painless subscription economy in which you control how, when, and for how long you spend your money on repeat goods and services.

Later this year, the tokens you purchased in the REVU token sale will be issued to you at the original price you were quoted. In the interim, your REVU tokens are not hemorrhaging value, even when the rest of the market dips.

Should the market continue to fall, it is probable that the REVU token will be listed at or close to the macro bottom, around the time that the first shoots of recovery are starting to sprout. With the sell pressure on BTC and its sister assets exhausted by that point, the only way will be up.

It won’t happen overnight, and there will definitely be pitstops and plateaus along the way, but crypto will regain its all-time highs and then keep on ascending. By that time, REVU will also have entered the race and be tradeable across multiple exchanges, both centralized and decentralized. When that occurs, you’ll be sitting pretty, having sat out months of bearish market action before entering just as the going is getting good once more.

Why REVU Holders Have a Lot to Live For

When the crypto market starts gathering momentum again, money will flow into assets with strong fundamentals. In this environment, REVU is ideally placed to capture and retain much of that value.

With DeFi features such as staking, microlending and borrowing, and the ability to generate passive income from referrals and cashback, REVU is a value-generating asset. There is an array of opportunities that come from owning and utilizing the REVU token, and as a result, demand for it is set to increase sharply, buoyed by a low initial circulating supply.

One of the most powerful features that REVU will bestow upon its holders is the ability to earn passive income.

Earn More, Regardless of Which Way the Market Moves

We intend to employ incentivized referral and cashback programs to grow and build Revuto’s customer user base. These are a key part of our go-to-market strategy, and a primary way in which REVU token-holders can get involved.

For every new user that signs up through a referral link and pays for at least one subscription using the dApp, the referral link owner will earn rewards in REVU tokens.

The referral rewards will account for 6% of the revenue generated from the referred users.

For example, if the referred user signs up for the Revuto Pro version, which will cost €12, the referral link owner will earn 6% of that user’s cashback which is determined to be 4%.

If the referred user signs up for the free version of the app, spends €100 every month on subscriptions, and pays 4% or €4 to Revuto for protection fees, the referral link owner will earn 6% of that (or €0.24 in this case) every month for that user and each other user they onboard onto the platform.

This means that everyone who onboards new users onto the Revuto platform will keep earning recurring revenue in REVU tokens for as long as the referred user relies on Revuto to pay for subscriptions.

The rewards earned through the referrals will be collected and sent directly to users’ Revu wallets once a month.

It should be emphasized that by referring other people you not only earn REVU tokens when these individuals register, but you create a base of people who will use Revuto, and increase the passive income you earn.

This means that, over time, you will directly benefit from the growth of Revuto, and will be generously rewarded for your efforts in making this happen. And this is just one of the ways in which the REVU token will help you earn more and spend less. There’s a whole lot more in store, the details of which we can’t wait to reveal.

Don’t sweat the market’s short-term movements, or drive yourself insane trying to figure out whether we’re bull or bear. All that matters is that Revuto keeps marching forward, and when the REVU token launches, the whole of crypto will be in a better place.

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